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Alyson Mike, EdD

Director of Online Learning and K12 Strategy and Development

Growing up in Montana, the outdoors has always played a key part in my life. During my years as a middle school science teacher, my teaching focused on building scientific literacy skills in my students so they could make informed decisions, especially around the idea of being a good steward of the environment. In 2004, I was honored to be selected and represent Montana as Montana’s Teacher of the Year in which allowed me a platform to promote the importance of scientific literacy and science education

In 2007, I transitioned to a national educational non-profit when I began designing and implementing online communities of practice and supporting beginning teachers in rural and remote areas. Online learning continues to expand and is one mechanism to provide access to underserved communities.

I have a BA and MST in Biology and Chemistry and Science Teaching and an EdD from Montana State University. When I am not online, I am out hiking in the mountains with my 3 dogs and enjoying the 4 seasons in Montana as well as working through a bucket list of destinations to see animals in the wild. Polar bears are up next!

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