Emma Ancel


Marketing Coordinator


As Marketing Coordinator, I help grow and strengthen our community by creating and sharing PGS content across platforms. My goal is to make sure people know about all the amazing things happening with our students, faculty, and alumni! If you want to connect and share your story or other information to the community, never hesitate to reach out. 

Always on the search for what makes people and society tick, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with majors in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in professional writing, multimedia communications track. I have a varied work history, ranging from psychology lab assistant and behavior therapist for children on the autism spectrum, to working in graphic design and content/social media marketing – including at a Japanese skincare brand. What brings it all together is a sense of creativity and empathy, and a desire to work towards the collective good. Getting perspective on one’s own culture begins by exploring others, so before joining PGS I left my life in the Bay Area to explore the countryside of Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher for a year. Placed in Hiroshima, I learned a lot about the power of listening, adaption, and seeing from the other perspective, as well as how delicious Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is. 

In my free time you can find me writing, connecting with the natural beauty of California on a hike or camping trip, making DIY skincare products, or visiting my sister’s permaculture community.