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Jenny Sant’Anna

Mentor in Residence

Jenny Sant’Anna, Consultant at REV+ALL, brings a strong mix of entrepreneurship, civic engagement, sustainability, and technology background to her role as Product Development, Operations, and Administrations Consultant at REV+ALL, a new venture of REV where she formerly served as VP of Operations.

REV+ALL is developing a foundational course in sustainability for owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses and organizations (SMBs). Jenny is responsible for taking the course to market working in partnership with the product development, course production, and marketing teams. She also applies her experience delivering REV’s Sustainability Circle program and coaching Circle participants to product development.

Before attending Presidio and launching her career in sustainability, Jenny co-founded a first-generation mobile software company, SoftMagic Corp (acquired by Puma Tech), where she served as VP of Operations. She also co-founded the consulting group UIX Global—a firm focused on urban innovation and civic engagement and the team that brought the Innovation Bus to the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Jenny has over 30 years of management experience with employees and volunteers, including currently serving on Hunger at Home’s Board of Directors as Secretary and previously serving on a private school’s Board of Trustees as Finance Chair and on a school parent association board as Co-President. She is passionate about sustainability, collective action, innovation, electric cars, and ocean health (she is the founder and a moderator of the /r/oceans community on Reddit).

Jenny is excited to share her network and experience in sustainability coaching/consulting with SMBs, operations management, including employee training and entrepreneurship with Presidio students!


Bachelor of Science in Education & Social Policy, Northwestern University
Master of Public Administration in Sustainable Management, Presidio Graduate School (C12/PA2)

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