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Kathye Citron

Adjunct Professor

Kathye Citron has taught and trained in nonprofit and for-profit businesses and government entities for over 30 years. As Executive Director of Career Planning Center in Los Angeles, as CEO of life print in San Francisco, and as a consultant and coach in the Los Angeles and Bay Areas, she brings experience in all areas of organization development and leadership. She is a Senior Associate at The Consulting Team in Mountain View. Citron uses personality assessments such as DiSC to facilitate student and staff growth in many areas of organization development, including developing mission and vision statements, determining values, and improving communication.

Her expertise in guiding and training others in one-on-one, group, and classroom settings is the foundation for delivering skills and understanding that allow clients and students to improve personal and management performance. Citron leads team building and leadership retreats and training and facilitates group planning, goal setting, and retreats for government, nonprofits, and for-profit corporations. When Citron coaches managers and supervisors on their leadership challenges, she brings decades of experience, robust analysis, and a warm human touch.

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