Kylie Flanagan


MBA, Sustainable Solutions

Meet the Graduate

My first semester projects mirrored my work as a Strategic Planning fellow for a Bay Area-based non-profit dedicated to addressing food equity, access, and education through school cafeteria service and food literacy. Applying the learnings in the classroom to my work in the field, and vice versa, made for an incredibly rich learning experience, and I was proud to present that work at least year’s showcase. In between semesters, I had the opportunity through PGS Consults to survey dozens of sustainability programs in the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and I shared findings on stage at the 2019 Energy and Sustainability Summit. In my second semester, I had another opportunity through PGS Consults to work alongside Professor Marsha Willard to conduct research for a white paper on electric vehicle charging programs, which will be published this summer. This semester, I worked with a handful of classmates to develop a platform for career development, learning, and connection amongst sustainability professionals, and we hope to launch RegenRecess this summer. I also conducted independent research on climate resilience of energy infrastructure in the healthcare sector, and I hope to carry those learnings over to a career better equipping communities for the climate challenges that lie ahead.

Moving forward, I hope to use my skills and experience in climate resilience, community cultivation, and sustainable food systems.