Monica Pandele


MBA, MPA Sustainable Solutions

Meet the Graduate

As the PGS Board Directors student representative, I coordinated part of the due-diligence task force established to assess potential partnerships or acquisition scenarios for our school, in order to attain a new level of financial stability and accelerate the impact of the school in the world, while maintaining our sovereignty. I performed as the liaison with the student body, creating a communication bridge, rebuilding trust and transparency, ensuring our organizational values and principles as embodied by our students were integral to the decision making process.

As part of the Strategy course of the MBA program, I led a fantastic team of students, providing the space to co-create a compelling, insightful and inspiring strategic plan for an established organization dedicated to creating good in the world through highly conscious educational programs. While the project challenged the status quo and highlighted the need for a radical reprioritization of interventions, questioning the core of the organizational mission, it was well-received by the client, who put into practice many of our recommended actions and frameworks.

As part of the Multisector Partnerships course of the MPA program, I co-led a project team assessing various financial tools suitable to generate necessary capital for the implementation of the Municipality of Anchorage Climate Action Plan. Together with a local non-profit partner, our team developed the pre-feasibility study for the creation of a local Green Bank as an innovative multi-sector partnership initiative to attract private investment and leverage public dollars to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The local partners described our study and support materials as persuasive, rigorous, and engaging, and are using these to advance the partnership initiative campaign.

Moving forward, I hope to use my skills and experience in impact investing and to build climate resilience partnerships.