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Nancy Van Leuven, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Online MPA

Nancy Van Leuven has worked for over three decades across government agencies, corporations, and civil society groups in areas of cultural change, public information, and strategic communication. Her clients have included councils of government, local and county-wide public agencies, and nonprofits seeking to build more effective storytelling strategies that can help inform and persuade their audiences. This experience has informed her ongoing work as an academic and professor working to empower the next generation of sustainability professionals with the critical tools they need to leverage the power of effective messaging.

As an Adjunct Professor in our Online MPA program, Nancy shares, “I am honored to join a strong community of pioneers who share an educational obligation in this age of climate change. My mission is to help foster effective and ethical Sustainability Communication strategies that contribute to effective solutions and practices, often amidst conflicting interests and changing trends.”


PhD in Communication, University of Washington


MPA6211 – Effective Communication Strategies

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