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Nicholas Reksten, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Nicholas Reksten is an Associate Professor in the economics department at the University of Redlands, where he teaches courses that seek to deeply integrate concepts of sustainability and social justice into economic analysis. His research has explored, broadly, the role of social norms in climate policy, both among households and within firms. His current research explores the implications of the worsening ecological crisis for inequality, especially with respect to unpaid household labor within the emerging framework of feminist ecological economics. In other work, he has investigated the sustainability decisions of large firms through interviews and quantitative analysis and is coauthor of the introductory economics textbook Principles of Economics in a Nutshell which includes an emphasis on feminist and ecological economics. He was previously Guest Faculty at Sarah Lawrence College and has served as a short-term consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank’s Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion team. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from American University.


B.A. International Studies & Economics, American University
Ph.D. Economics, American University


MBA634 Economics for Sustainability

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