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Sandra Kwak

Sandra Kwak, of Cohort 7, is the founder and CEO of 10Power, which provides financing and smart protocol for renewable energy projects in under-served communities internationally. 10Power lays the groundwork for clean economies, fresh drinking water, gender empowerment, local entrepreneurship, and ecosystem restoration. Sandra built a strong team of Presidio Alumni and other experts in their field to execute this ambitious global strategy. Sandra is also a board member of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. Previously, she co-founded and served as President and COO of energy efficiency company Powerzoa and worked at Autogrid, increasing energy efficiency via the smart grid. As a public speaker, Sandra has presented at TedX; the world’s largest computer conference, CEBIT; and at the Envision festival. As an educator, Sandra has guest lectured at Stanford, taught “Race, Activism and Climate Justice” at San Francisco State University, and taught for two years at Presidio Graduate School.

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