Pioneering school challenges traditional thinking, offers flexibility


By Jeanne Pengelly, Axiom News

Published 2.25.13

First-year, part-time student Daniel Heras wants Presidio Graduate School to embrace what it does so well and do more of it.

The former Los Angeles architect never thought of himself as an MBA candidate until, at the height of his career, he was laid off from his firm and went to India on a journey of self-awareness.

“I had to go all the way to India to learn about Presidio from a man who’s now a very close friend,” Heras laughs.

Heras says Presidio helped him align what he saw as priorities in the architecture industry with his own practice. Thinking about sustainability and a systems approach had become increasingly important to him.

Heras says it is the shared thinking among faculty, students, and alumni that make this kind of learning possible at Presidio.  Not only does the school focus on sustainability but all the core business principles are covered with comparable rigor.

“I definitely see the school as a pioneer. We are pioneers that have branched off from the traditional business school track,” he says. The challenge is to manage the reputation of the school as radical with the reality that Presidio is “very pragmatic and realistic about its goals and objectives.”

For Heras, that was the aha moment.

“There’s no doubt in my mind the school will grow and grow. My hope is that the world outside our bubble will soon recognize what we’re trying to accomplish here and what we’re challenging,” said Heras

Jeanne Pengelly, Axiom News

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