President William Shutkin on PGS’s Co-Sponsorship of TEDxPresidio


By William Shutkin, PGS President & CEO

Published 9.4.12

Presidio Graduate School President and CEO William Shutkin talks about our co-sponsorship of TEDxPresidio on Saturday, September 8th at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Check out his take on how this year’s theme, “Re-inventing Capitalism,” aligns with the mission of Presidio, what re-inventing capitalism means to him, and who blazed some of the early trails in this growing movement.

TEDxPresidio is one of the most exciting and innovative conferences happening in the Bay Area this fall and tickets are still available.

Our visiting fellow, Van Jones will be speaking as well as many other capitalism re-inventors. Presidio communications staff will be live tweeting, managing press interviews, and more. Hope to see you there!

William Shutkin, PGS President & CEO

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