San Francisco’s Presidio Graduate School (PGS) and Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment, Inc. (AMEC) of Shanghai, China, signed a three-year partnership to support the school’s sustainable product and service innovation program. In the first year, AMEC will provide $60,000 to PGS faculty and students to develop high-tech intellectual property and products that contribute to global sustainable development. Subject to progress, and at the discretion of AMEC executives, the company may dedicate additional funds to the program in years two and three.

The partnership formally commences this week with a visit to PGS by AMEC Chairman and CEO Dr. Gerald Yin. A former senior executive at Applied Materials, Dr. Yin co-founded AMEC in 2004. Today, the company provides leading-edge capital equipment for advanced semiconductor manufacturing, and other high-tech products.

Through the partnership, project ideas can be initiated by AMEC, Presidio students, or by Dr. Dariush Rafinejad, the program’s leader and professor of product innovation and energy systems at PGS. AMEC may commercialize the technology generated.

Dr. Yin called the partnership a winning combination. “The entrepreneurial PGS students will develop innovative ideas for sustainable products. Then, by leveraging its high-tech engineering team and advanced manufacturing capabilities, AMEC may commercialize the most promising products. Under Dr. Rafinejad’s leadership, we expect some really interesting ideas to emerge,” said Dr. Yin.

“We are very grateful to AMEC for their partnership in this project,” said Professor Rafinejad. “Our students are extremely motivated to innovate products and services with global impact, and AMEC is an ideal partner. This program advances the synergistic goals of AMEC and PGS for innovating products with potential to improve the lives of ordinary people on a global scale.”

PGS President William Shutkin added, “AMEC and PGS combine the power of a global technology company with one of the world’s great sustainability graduate programs. The partnership also brings together two of the world’s most dynamic regions, China and California, and great cities, Shanghai and San Francisco, to catapult new sustainable business ideas from the classroom to commercialization. We couldn’t be more excited.”

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About Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment, Inc.

Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment’s mission is to advance technology, increase productivity and reduce costs for manufacturers of microelectronics devices and other high-tech products. A global micro-fabrication equipment company serving customers in the semiconductor industry and adjacent high-tech sectors, AMEC’s equipment is used to build the world’s most sophisticated technology: tiny nano-scale devices that provide intelligence and memory for the inventive products that improve our lives and sustain our planet. Headquartered in Asia, the world’s manufacturing innovation hub, AMEC is at the center of a dynamic supply chain that enables the economic efficiencies it provides for its customers.


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