PUBLIC is a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company that designs and sells urban bikes, along with accessories to make riding more enjoyable, practical, and chic. Their European-inspired bikes ride like butter and come in multi-speeds in all sizes.

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Project Executive Summary

The strategic marketing plan for PUBLIC Bikes is focused primarily on the grand opening of a new, high profile PUBLIC Bikes retail store in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. The plan is focused secondarily on general marketing strategies to build the company’s brand recognition and Internet sales base to support planned growth through future retail store openings.

PUBLIC Bikes designs and sells European-style city bikes to a lucrative target market largely ignored by traditional bicycle manufacturers and retailers: women and urban design-conscious consumers. PUBLIC meets the needs of this under-served market by providing lightweight, classic, city bikes that are impeccably designed and in colors that are striking and described as “lickable.” In targeting this segment of the market, PUBLIC is able to capture the hearts and minds of these consumers in a relatively uncontested market space.

Thus if PUBLIC can make converts out of non-bikers and avid bikers alike, it would significantly expand its market opportunity. The recommendations outlined in this plan seek to help PUBLIC align its mission, vision, values, brand identity, and marketing strategies to connect with this unique target market. Specifically, the plan focuses on these overarching marketing objectives:

  • Engage PUBLIC’s target market in the “”spaces”” where they live, work, and play.
  • Convert non-customers into PUBLIC customers by creating desire in non-riders to begin riding a bicycle.
  • Compel avid bikers to add a PUBLIC bike to their collection for city riding and commuting.