Faculty Academy

We attract leading-edge minds in transformational leadership and sustainable business. Our faculty academy includes innovative practitioners from diverse industries and distinguished business school faculty. Grounded by decades of expertise in their respective fields, they share your passion for advancing business through environmental and social responsibility.

Faculty members design their classes to encourage active engagement with learning content, creating interactive dialogue and real-time application in business case studies. This approach stimulates critical thinking, analysis, and application of theory to complex organizations.

Dan Arnett, MMCCU

Introduction to the Cooperative Sector
PhD, The Ohio State University

Jill Bamburg, MBA

Pinchot/BGI Co-Founder, Cooperative Management
MBA, Stanford University

Manuhuia Barcham, PhD

PhD, The Australian National University

Elizabeth Burke, MS

Accounting, Finance
MS, Antioch University

Casey Dilloway, MBA

Finance, Business Modeling
MBA, Pinchot University

Carrie Ferrence, MBA

Action Learning Practicum in Organizational Leadership
MBA, Pinchot University

Kit Fordham, MBA

Cooperative Management
MBA, Pinchot University

Dennis Gawlik, MS

MS, The Pennsylvania State University

Steve Hill, MBA

MBA, University of California, Los Angeles

Audra Jung, MBA

Action Learning Practicum in Organizational Leadership
MBA, Pinchot University

Jeff Leinaweaver, PhD

PhD, Fielding Graduate University

Bill Lemon, MS

MS, Stanford University

Michael “Luni” Libes, MS

MS, University of Washington

Lana Maytak

Principles of Economics and Economics of Sustainability
Free University Amsterdam, MSc Corporate Finance and Banking
Novosibirsk State University, MSc, BSc Economics

Lorinda Rowledge, PhD

Action Learning Practicum in Organizational Leadership
PhD, University of Oregon

Adam Seitchik, PhD

PhD, Boston University

Todd Wallace

Cooperative Management
BA, New York University