The Seattle Hybrid MBA program offers the MBA curriculum with a track focused on Sustainable Systems. The Seattle Hybrid MBA program is delivered through a low residency format that combines monthly “intensives” with distance learning.

Students and faculty meet 10 times each year for monthly four-day intensives (mid-day Thursday through mid-day Sunday) at IslandWood. IslandWood is a 255-acre LEED Gold environmental education center on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Between monthly intensives, students attend class online and engage with faculty, guest speakers and each other through multiple distance learning technologies. This design allows students from across the United States to participate in the Hybrid MBA program while continuing to live and work in their home communities.

The Seattle Hybrid MBA program features an integrated core curriculum in the first year, with options for electives and specialization in the second year. The first year begins with Capitalism in Context: Capitalism in Context, providing a systemic and historical context for our work together.

Next, we focus on the traditional business disciplines of strategy, marketing and operations in Values and Value Creation. In the final months of the first year, we look at the Means and Measures for financing a business, accounting for its progress and measuring success against a triple bottom line.

The second year of the program is built around a year-long action learning practicum and a set of elective options.

Students choose a project in entrepreneurship—resulting in the creation of a viable business plan—or organizational leadership—resulting in the delivery of a resume-building project in organizational engagement. Electives include a student-identified study tour, a residential program on creativity and innovation, and elective courses in cooperative management, sustainable energy, or sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Throughout the two years of the program, students engage in a series of Leadership and Personal Development (LPD) courses. LPD courses allow for personal reflection, curriculum integration and development of the leadership skills to lead their organizations to a sustainable future.

Year 1, Fall

Capitalism in Context: Economics for People and Planet, and Value Creation:  Business Models for the 21st Century – Leadership and Personal Development

Year 1, Spring

  • Values and Value Creation II: Business Models for the 21st Century – Means and Measures:  Accounting for the Triple
  • Bottom Line Success
  • Leadership and Personal Development

Year 1, Summer

Students may take optional summer elective courses that can count towards their credit requirements for the second year of the program.

Year 2, Fall

  • Action Learning Practicum (ALP) in Social Entrepreneurship or Organizational Leadership
  • Managerial Finance
  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Elective I

Year 2, Spring

  • Action Learning Practicum (ALP) II in Social Entrepreneurship or Organizational Leadership
  • Management: Organizational Systems &Organizational Change
  • Leadership and Personal Development

Students complete two elective courses as part of the Seattle Hybrid MBA program.

Students may receive a Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions by completing Sustainable Energy Solutions courses along with an approved energy-focused project as part of the required Action Learning Practicum sequence.

Students may receive a Certificate in Cooperative Management by completing Cooperative Management courses along with an approved cooperative-focused project as part of the required Action Learning Practicum sequence.

Students may receive a Certificate in Sustainable Food & Agricultural Systems by completing Sustainable Food & Agricultural Systems courses along with an approved food and/or agriculture-focused project as part of the required Action Learning Practicum sequence.

Alternatively, students may choose a combination of electives to satisfy elective credit requirements.

Please note that electives listed below may not all be offered in all years, and additional electives may be offered and defined closer to the year in which they are offered.


Sustainable Energy Solutions

  • Understanding the Context for Change
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Creating New Ventures
  • Action Learning Practicum

Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems

  • The World Must Be Fed
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Creating New Ventures
  • Action Learning Practicum

Cooperative Management

  • Introduction to the Cooperative Sector
  • Governance and Finance in the Cooperative Sector
  • Managing the Cooperative Enterprise
  • Cooperative Practicum
  • International Cooperative Field Study

Other Electives

  • Dal LaMagna Series on Responsible Capitalism: International Study Tour
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Business Solutions to Poverty
  • Social Justice and Business

“At PGS, instead of learning how it was done in the past, I learned to create how it will be done in the future.”

Libby Johnson McKee
MBA 2010
Director, Seller Support, Global Training/Leadership Development and North American Operations at

On the island, we put our values into action, from breakfast to bedtime.

MBA in Sustainable Systems. A short ferry ride from Seattle, IslandWood is what summer camp wants to be when it grows up – a regenerative retreat in a LEED Gold campus nestled in a 255-acre wonderland of forests, ponds, bogs and tree houses. IslandWood’s talented kitchen staff churns out delicious meals with a dedication to local, organic, seasonal food that enriches the earth. IslandWood stands at the brink of a closed-loop system; beautiful, thoughtfully designed buildings provide provide a case study in sustainability.


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