Seattle Students Visit Manufacturing Facilities


By Seattle Students Visit Manufacturing Facilities

Published 3.28.17

During the final fall residency weekend, first-year Presidio Graduate School students from the Seattle campus spent a whole day touring local manufacturing facilities to see the principles of operation they have been studying in action.  The organizations we visited included Watson Furniture - maker of custom and catalog office workstations; Sage - maker of high-end fly fishing rods; and AGS Stainless - maker of stainless steel stair and balcony railings.

Our hosts graciously let us tour their facilities, instructed us on the operation's strengths and weaknesses, their efforts to reduce their impacts and their challenges with changing market demands. We were grateful for this in-depth peek into their operations, and they seem impressed and pleased with the nature of our questions and comments. We even left one company with a great money saving idea!


Seattle Students Visit Manufacturing Facilities

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