Presidio Graduate School is home to an extensive and growing community. Student clubs are an extension of the students’ learning experience and expression of their diverse professional interests and personal passions. Clubs are typically formed in response to students’ interests in specific areas like CleanTech, green building, sustainable food, impact investment, and social justice. Club-organized events, trips, and projects are planned throughout the semester and provide students with an opportunity to dive deeper into areas they’re most excited about. Club members benefit from expanding their professional networks, gaining unique professional experience and working collaboratively with other students.

Presidio Green Build

The Presidio Green Build Club is committed to establishing, educating, engaging, and connecting Presidians with sustainable building practices and rating systems. By bringing students together with leaders of the green building community, members share and build on the knowledge, experience and insights of individuals and organizations in sustainable development to expand on net zero practices and responsible & innovative strategies for the built environment.

International Sustainability Club

The International Sustainability Club aims to increase dialogue around international development by sponsoring events, organizing service-learning trips, engaging in strategic partnerships with global organizations and promoting international student projects.

Net Impact, Presidio Chapter

Net Impact is a professional organization dedicated to growing and strengthening a network of new leaders who are using the power of business to make a positive social, environmental and economic impact. All students enrolled at PGS are members of Net Impact.

The Presidio Net Impact Chapter has achieved Gold Chapter Status. This means that the chapter has gone above and beyond minimum chapter requirements to create opportunities for their members to develop business skills, meet folks who can help members define career paths, and build a community of support to change our approach to social and environmental issues.

Quickfire Consulting and Community Engagement

The Quickfire Consulting and Community Engagement’smission is to strengthen the connection Presidio Graduate School has with the surrounding community through engagement activities with nonprofits and other mission-aligned organizations. This purpose does not contradict the Presidio Graduate School mission or its understood values.

Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club integrates student wellness and professional development by facilitating student networking, encouraging work-life balance and inspiring appreciation for Earth’s natural environment. Students are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of sustainability through the hands-on exploration of the natural world.

Presidio Social Capital Club

The Presidio Social Capital Club promotes and coordinates events throughout the semester and provides numerous opportunities for networking across the student body and within the local community.

Presidio Sustainable Food Club

The Presidio Sustainable Food Club supports and explores sustainable food and strengthens ties with individuals and organizations working in sustainable food and related industries.

Social Venture Finance Club

The Presidio Social Venture Finance Club helps PGS MBA students, entrepreneurs, and investors work collectively to finance for‐benefit organizations and support the expansion of the social finance ecosystem.

Student Representative to the Board

Each year there is a student representative to the Board of Directors, elected by their peers and appointed by the Board. This representative ensures that all students at the school have an ear and—more importantly—a voice at the table during all decisions about the direction of the school.

Diversity & Social Justice Committee

Social Justice is one of the core PGS values. Rather than have it live on as something abstract, our student committee makes sure it’s tangible and approachable for everyone in our community.

Led by a team of co-chairs, the committee has three primary goals:

  • Increase the measurable diversity of PGS
  • Make our community an engaged and productive place for people of all races, cultures and other forms of diversity
  • Foster an environment in which all members of the community share experiences that deepen understanding and friendship between people of different origins, backgrounds, and experiences

Through course evaluations, community engagement, “DSJ Weekends,” recommending CAIRs or hosting difficult conversations, the committee ensures that we strive to embrace diversity—in all its forms—and work towards social justice for all.

Kaizen and Disappearing Task Forces

Unlike most universities, we haven’t found a need for a standing panel of student government. That isn’t to say that we haven’t had a need for student governance. As issues arise, we bring them to community Kaizen sessions. A committee of students organizes the events, activities, and topics of discussion. We convene with the purpose of strengthening our school through the power of communal understanding, participation, and progress. Kaizen provides an opportunity to raise concerns or topics that might otherwise go without dialogue. Issues range from curriculum evolution to ethics and diversity awareness to graduation plans and school growth.

Disappearing task forces arise for areas that need work, driven by those students who are excited about making progress happen. These task forces may live on for a week or a year, as long as is necessary for the work to be done, at which time they disappear.  This format allows us to exercise laser focus to get things done and the ability to know when our work has come to an end.