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We gratefully thank the donors below for their support last fiscal year. Our generous donors help us make strides toward achieving our mission of creating a flourishing future that is both sustainable and equitable. They allow us to fund new degree and certificate programs, update our courses to include cutting-edge innovation and current information, and provide life-changing financial assistance to students in need.

Sustainability Champions: $50,000+

Amity Crossborder Education
Enlight Foundation
Suzanne Farver
The Gordon & Llura Gund Foundation
Stephen and Mary Swig
Malcom S. Walter

Leaders: $10,000-$49,999

Eva Auchincloss
Helzel Family Foundation
Rebekah and Larry Helzel
Sabrina Watkins

Supporters: $1,000-$9,999

Joan H. Barr
Josef Beles
Saskia Feast and Axel Brait
Jeffrey Hogue
Ted and Jane Ko
Cynthia Liskey
Linda H. Mantel
John Andrew and Leslie McQuown
Toni Rembe Rock
The Rock Foundation
Shripal Shah
Karie Crisp Vazquez and Raul Vazquez
Matthew Yacco

Friends: Up to $999

Atmos Financial
Chandra Alexandre
Julie Allingham
Steve Attinger
Darin Bernstein
Mary Ellen Burns
Sarah Cabell
Taj Chibnik
Kathye Citron
Jennifer Cohn
Robin Connell
Robert Coucoules
Maggie Cutts
Mona Das
Maryline Daviaud Lewett
Erin Decker
Candice Eggerss
Warren Fox
Peter Glenn
Erik Hansen
Peter Hellwig
William Hutchinson
Sally Jernigan-Smith
Barbara Karlin
Edward Kaye
Sarah Kelley
Miriam Kronberg
Cynthia Lang
John Lehnert
Rachel Loud
William and Lynn Loud
Elizabeth C. Maw
Allyn McAuley
Susan McMullan
Erin McNichol
Ronald Meissen
Ravi Mikkelson
Helen Pollock
Cora Potter
Brian C. Setzler
Mary Solecki
Elizabeth Stuart
Margaret Titus
Kathleen Wong
Zachary Worthington
Jennifer Wagner


Saskia Feast and Axel Brait
Robin Connell
Robert Coucoules
Peter Hellwig
Elizabeth C. Maw
Erin McNichol
Ravi Mikkelson
Brian C. Setzler

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