Alumni Success / Green Building / Systems Thinking

Kawayan Collective: Elevating Bamboo as a Modern Building Material in the Philippines

Importing building materials can be costly and has created a shortage of millions of affordable homes in the Philippines. Bamboo grows wild all over the islands, but very few companies have undertaken...

Rebecca Roebber 4.10.19

Multisector Solutions / Resilient Communities / Systems Thinking

Presidio Graduate School Partners with Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Silicon Valley businesses thrive on an unrivaled concentration of enterprising and innovative talent. Now Presidio Graduate School (PGS) and Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) have formed a partne...

Robert Coombs 4.9.19

Alumni Success / Systems Thinking

Mona Das brings System Thinking, Sustainability and Representation to the Washington State Senate

Mona Das (D-Kent), is a newly elected Washington State Senator and a Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI - now Presidio Graduate School) alumna. Das brings systems thinking and a passion for sustainabi...

Rebecca Roebber 3.18.19

Alumni / Stakeholder Engagement / Systems Thinking

Career Pivot to Social Impact: A Conversation with Chhaya Bhanti

Chhaya Bhanti is an entrepreneur and change maker whose work in sustainability bridges visual thinking and systems design principles with technical expertise. Based in India, she is the founder of...

Shawna Cain 4.30.18

Alumni / Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership of Libba Pinchot Honored

Challenging us to be our best self is how Libba Pinchot inspires change. Her approach to education, transformational leadership, and life embodies Virginia Satir’s viewpoint that all of us live wit...

Natalya Pemberton and Grace Carlson 4.9.18

Alumni / San Francisco / Seattle / Seattle Alum / Students

PGS Winter Community Retreat

For the first time since Presidio Graduate School acquired Pinchot University, our San Francisco and Seattle campuses came together for a fun-filled, action-packed weekend with 40 students and alumni....


Experiential Learning / Students

Google Transportation EL earn $15,000 grant for PGS

Brendon Harrington, Transportation Operations Manager for Google, approached our Experiential Learning (EL) team with a seemingly simple problem. “What’s keeping me up at night,” he said at o...

Jared Bhatti (C13) 12.19.13

Clean Tech / Experiential Learning / Students

Marketing the work not the brand

My Experiential Learning team — Scott Bright (C17), Julian Fishman (C17), Trey Graham (C15), Sam Ruben (C17/PA4), and myself — recently partnered with the Bay Area Climate Collaborative (BACC)...

Clay Carlson (C17) 12.19.13

Experiential Learning / Smart/Sustainable Cities / Students

On Alamo Square: Helping San Francisco leave paper communications behind

By 2020, 80 percent of humans will live in cities. As mobile and digital communications evolve, are there better ways for cities to engage citizens than conventional paper-based public notices and...

Arif Hasyim (C14/PA5) 7.24.14

Administration / Faculty / In The News

Dariush Rafinejad’s New Book – Sustainable Product Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Human Well-Being

Human well-being must become the overarching goal of new technology and product development. Businesses can do well by doing good things for society and our environment. Introducing Dr. Dariush Raf...

Dariush Rafinejad’s New Book – Sustainable Product Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Human Well-Being 9.11.17

Environment / Faculty / San Francisco / SF Campus / Sustainability in Columbia

One Planet, Two Cultures, One Curriculum: Taking the PGS Methodology to Colombia

Presidio Graduate School is always exploring and nurturing new opportunities to spread its brand of sustainable management and our techniques for teaching it. Entering into collaborations with other u...

Dr. Dariush Rafinejad and Dr. Dwight Collins 7.19.17

Administration / Faculty / SF Campus / Smart/Sustainable Cities

EarthEd: 2017 Worldwatch Institute State of the World

Presidio Graduate School is pleased to publish the below blog written by professor emeritus, Dr. Dwight Collins. Dear Presidians, The 2017 Worldwatch Institute State of the World (SOW) include...

Dr. Dwight Collins 5.10.17

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