Course number: MSS6360
Faculty: Donna LaSala, MPA
About this course:

This interactive seminar course examines public administration principles and practices, as well as the influence of devolution, diversity, globalization, privatization, and technology. Module 1 reviews the ethics and fundamentals of public administration. Module 2 explores the functions and structures of governments, interconnectedness, and policy transfer. Module 3 compares global practices in defense, law and order, finance, taxation, trade, energy management, planning, zoning, health care, education, and social security. Module 4 examines public administration’s role in environmental, economic, and social equity. Finally, Module 5 contemplates the future of nation-states, emerging trends in public administration, and the influence of mega-regions. The team project leverages technology to encourage public policy support of Common Good through the lens of United Nations Global Goal #17.

Units: 3
Pre-requisites: None
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