Once upon a time, in San Francisco Bay, there lived a marvelous museum, with Bay Area “treasures” from Treasure Island’s rich history of the military, the World’s Fair and Pan Am Clipper flights. The Treasure Island Museum Association nurtured this unique jewel for over 20 years, until it was closed in 1997.

Now the Association works to preserve and share the history of Treasure Island and reestablish the Museum in Building One, Treasure Island, as part of the island redevelopment.

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Project Executive Summary

Current Business Process and Project Objectives. The Treasure Island Museum Association advocates for the reestablishment of the Treasure Island Museum which closed in 1997. The project goal was to identify key stakeholders and refine the institution’s mission and vision to resonate with and engage those stakeholders.

Sustainability Impacts. Treasure Island has a history of innovation, including its environmentally destructive creation, and there are plans to develop the island into a model green community. The museum will explore the relationship between the built world and the environment through the lens of Treasure Island.

Methods. The team notably used business model canvas and empathy map frameworks, as well as Kotler’s 7 Cs of website design to guide its research and recommendations.

Recommendations. In order to engage the key stakeholder donors, the museum must revitalize its brand and raise awareness of its activities and collection.
Within the next 12 months:

  1. Begin using the name Treasure Island Museum again (don’t wait for a physical building).
  2. Rewrite the mission to be more forward-looking and broadly focused than just the island’s history and past and use this new mission to guide programming decisions
  3. Redesign the website in line with current standards.
  4. Plan for a digital gallery of museum artifacts.
  5. Prepare and catalog the collection for sharing.
  6. Create partnerships with other area museums and businesses who can exhibit items from the collection.