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Experiential Learning Client Projects

Could your organization benefit from a detailed operations or marketing plan created by MBA students at Presidio Graduate School? If so, we would like to explore providing operations, strategy, marketing, or other support to your organization over a 17-week semester.

Since 2003, Presidio Graduate School has placed sustainability and social justice at the core of our curriculum. Our graduate students bring their clients best practices, objective analysis, and creative solutions for the triple-bottom-line: people, planet, profit.

Operations Project Information

The focus of the operations plan is to examine an appropriate operations function within your operations, identify and evaluate a number of more sustainable approaches to executing the function, recommend the best approach, and generate a plan for implementing it. Examples of past operations plan focuses include:

  • Adding sustainable production or distribution capacity to meet a perceived set of market demands.
  • Identifying a set of production processes or distribution channels that minimize a food production company’s carbon footprint relative to its current operating configuration.
  • Identifying one or more alternative ways of designing the packaging for a firm’s cleaning products so the packaging can be diverted from landfill at end of life and instead reused, remanufactured, or recycled.
  • Identifying an environmentally friendly waste water processing system to address the production growth plans of a draft beer production company.
  • Identifying a program of medical supply purchasing by a hospital that limits sources of supply to those whose products do not yield medical waste during use.

A variety of organizations have taken part in this opportunity including, but not limited to: HP, Flex (hi-tech), REI, ThermoFisher (medical equipment), Sambazon (healthy drinks), Tcho Chocolates, Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG), and a number of northern California wineries.

Marketing Project Information

During this marketing engagement, student-teams will conduct market research and competitor/environmental analysis to better understand your target audience, and apply leading business frameworks to develop a detailed marketing plan with relevant recommendations based on your business priorities.

A variety of organizations have taken part in this opportunity including, but not limited too: kW Engineering, StrideLabs, International Leadership Association, Miner Token.

Strategy Project Information

Our strategy team is prepared to support your organization whether you are starting a new venture, looking to expand to a new geography or a new market segment while staying true to your mission, creating a succession plan for the founders, changing your organization’s structure (e.g., transitioning from privately owned to employee-owned), looking for a specific strategy to meet your sustainability goals (e.g., reduced waste or energy usage), or are commercializing new sustainable technology and looking to establish a multisectoral partnership.

Experiential Learning Project Form

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