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Program Overview

Redirecting social and economic systems to be more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable presents enormous opportunities and challenges that are too big for the private or public sector alone. The Dual MBA/MPA Degree in Sustainable Solutions from Presidio Graduate School offers a unique education that incorporates sustainability and equity into every course. Our graduates are truly prepared to tackle the problems impacting our world. We provide an affordable, flexible, and supportive program designed to support working professionals looking to grow their careers and meet societies’ most pressing needs.

The Presidio MBA/MPA Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions offers significant breadth and depth to your study of the public and private sectors by building your education around the most critical issues in the modern world. The program’s curriculum builds on the need for multi-sector problem-solving by engaging crisis points as an opportunity to design and impact interventions that can help shift and reimagine our systems to become more effective, equitable, and sustainable. Throughout your coursework, we will challenge you to apply a systems-thinking lens to discover how you might build and maintain a lasting, intentional social and environmental impact.

Program Format

In the Presidio Graduate School Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions program, students will earn two master’s degrees: an MBA in Sustainable Solutions and an MPA in Social Justice and Sustainability.

Our Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions is a 73-credit program with 19 required courses and a student residency that takes place five times per semester. Students have the flexibility to travel to San Francisco to participate in-person, or, may opt to participate remotely.

In the first semester, all students will participate in a one-unit course, Professional Skills for a Career with Purpose, designed to support your career goals and prepare you to make the most of your Presidio education. In your final semester, you will complete a Capstone course designed to draw on and integrate material from both degree programs into a culminating final project. The Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions can be completed in two and a half years full-time or four and a half years if enrolled part-time.

Built on the same foundation as Presidio’s MBA in Sustainable Solutions and MPA in Social Justice and Sustainability, the Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions maintains our commitment to a systems-thinking approach that emphasizes broad stakeholder engagement to promote progress and enable transformative change. In this program, we equip students to pursue roles where they can forge connections between the public and private sectors and work to align commercial and policy goals with sustainable outcomes.

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Your Future With Presidio

We believe that a contemporary education must equip students to engage with the most urgent challenges facing the modern world. Throughout our rigorous, integrated programming, Presidio will challenge you to expand beyond traditional higher education boundaries and grapple with the crucial problems facing our businesses, governments, and societies, including racial injustice, COVID-19 agility and risk reduction, climate change, and the rapidly shifting technology landscape. At Presidio, you will cultivate the skills and confidence to engage with these challenges and design critical interventions and sustainable solutions.

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Create an account and log into our online application portal. The information and uploaded documents you provide through the online application form will be saved automatically.

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The application for admission to Presidio includes the following sections:

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Once you have completed your online application and paid your application fee, you may be invited to schedule a time for your virtual 30-minute interview with the Admissions team.

Our team will reach out to you to schedule a 1:1 interview call if you are selected.

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Experiential Learning and Job Shadowing

Presidio Graduate School’s Dual MBA/MPA Degree in Sustainable Solution’s curriculum and experiential learning model will help you discover how to approach problem-solving through a solutions-focused lens to align commercial and policy goals with sustainable outcomes.

Our Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions is designed to meet the interwoven social and environmental challenges facing humanity by offering innovative cross-sector solutions. Climate change, structural injustice, and ecological resource depletion are individually complex issues yet profoundly and inextricably connected. Dual Degree students are prepared to meet these unique challenges head-on by immersing themselves in projects to develop real solutions for premier companies, innovative startups, nonprofits, and government agencies. Students can gain consulting experience by job shadowing at PGS Consults, which works to help a wide range of organizations achieve environmental and social responsibility leadership goals.

You don’t have to wait until you graduate to start creating change—you can make an impact and expand your resume now. Learn more about experiential learning here.

Economics for Sustainability

Reviews the history of economic growth, including social and environmental costs of this growth, and reviews alternative frameworks, both old and new, that promise to create a more socially just, sustainable world.

Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice

Examines sustainability frameworks and assesses to what extent they prioritize the regeneration of the natural environment and the redress of social injustices, and reviews sustainability policies and practices in historical and political contexts.

Multisector Strategic Partnerships and Financial Solutions

Explores successful and innovative governance, financing, implementation, and evaluation tools used for building effective partnerships across government, civil society, and business.

Climate and ESG

Examines the root causes of climate change, its consequences, and the imperative corporate responsibility, and probes multiple strategies for global warming mitigation and adaptation through resilience and risk management.

Market Failures and the Regulatory Environment

Examines market failure as a framework for defining and articulating sustainability challenges, and shares how to see dynamic systems and think across multiple sectors when seeking new sustainability solutions.

Research Methods and Policy Evaluation

Applies social science research methods, ethics, and evaluation theories to assess public/nonprofit outcomes, and explores quantitative and qualitative research methods and program evaluation tools.

Sample Schedules

Residencies can be done in person or virtually.

Flexible Learning

Study in-person or virtually with part-time and online options designed to support working professionals.

Values-Driven Community

Build connections with our growing network of alumni who are leading the way in sustainability and social justice.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

Sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t electives to us. They’re the foundation that all of our curriculum is built on.

Faculty Mentorship

Our professors and faculty bring real-world experience and thought leadership to our school to help guide your career.

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