Presidio Graduate School offers full-time students the ability to earn two master degrees in 30 months: an MBA and MPA in Sustainable Solutions. Students complete this 68-credit rigorous curriculum combining the best of our private sector innovation education with our cutting-edge public sector training.

Career options

Our MBA/MPA Dual Degree students are able to see the entire playing field from multiple institutional perspectives and have a comprehensive view of how to innovate and lead change. This is an ideal choice for students looking to have leadership roles in industries that operate between the public and private sectors, and who seek to align commercial and policy goals toward more sustainable outcomes.

The MBA/MPA Dual Degree allows graduates to thrive anywhere in a market system, from local and federal government agencies to entrepreneurial start-ups, to Fortune 100 companies, to NGOs. Graduates are also ideally suited to work in highly-regulated industries, including energy, food and agriculture, cannabis, and health care; and to land roles in business development, advocacy, or external affairs.

A powerful integrated design

The design of the MBA/MPA Dual Degree illustrates PGS’s distinctive systems-thinking approach to sustainable management. This MBA/MPA Dual Degree is built upon the same MBA and MPA foundations as our single degree programs.

While our individual MBA and MPA curriculum are already closely integrated, with 50% of coursework overlapping, the MBA/MPA Dual Degree allows a student to take the entire set of courses from each program and gain deep skills in cross-sector management and collaboration.

The MBA/MPA Dual Degree program culminates in MBA and MPA Capstone projects which demonstrate the graduate’s readiness to take on the most intractable intersectoral challenges.

MBA/MPA dual degree curriculum
First Term Classes

SUST6100: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice

SUST6110: Accounting

SUST6140: Data Analytics

LDR6100: Personal Development and Communication

Second Term Classes

SUST6120: Economy and Society – Governance and Business

SUST6200: Engagement: Connecting Brands and Customers

SUST6220: Operations and Supply Chain Management

LDR6200: Leadership and Team Performance

Third Term Classes

MSS6240: Research Methods and Policy Evaluation

SUST6240: Financial Systems

MSS6220: Market Failures and Regulatory Environment

LDR6300: Organizational Leadership

Fourth Term Classes:

MSS6200: Civic Leadership, Diversity, and Systems Thinking

SUST6230: Strategy

MSS6360: The Fundamentals and Future of Public Administration

MSS6320: Planning, Policy, and Sustainable Economic Development

Fifth Term Classes

MSS6300: Multisector Strategic Partnerships and Sustainable Partnerships


Elective Class Options

ECS6300: Energy Systems for Sustainability

ECS6340: Climate and Social Responsibility

INN6300: New Ventures and Product Innovation – Entrepreneurship

FIN6320: Capital Structures and Technology for Impactful Financial Markets

Note: Not all electives are offered every semester. Elective classes may change.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning (EL) is a key part of our educational program. Students are paired with an organization and work with them over the course of a semester on a specific project. Through this living case study methodology, students gain practical experience applying the skills and concepts learned in class and gain relevant work experience to support career development. EL projects are a required component of the following courses in the Dual MBA/MPA program:

  • SUST6200: Engagement: Connecting Brands and Customers
  • SUST6220: Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • SUST6240: Financial Systems
  • MSS6200: Civic Leadership, Diversity, and Systems Thinking


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