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Presidio welcomes submissions to our job board, which is shared with our community of passionate individuals dedicated to working toward more sustainable, equitable, intersectional systems. Do you know of an opening that Presidians should hear about? Let us know!

Why Hire Presidio Graduates

Corporations and other organizations’ stakeholders—investors, customers, board members, employees, community groups—are increasingly calling for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). As such, CEOs expect their leadership teams to be fluent in competitive-level ESG goals and practices. At the same time, nonprofits and governmental agencies urgently need leaders with deep expertise in sustainability and social justice who can develop forward-looking, effective programs, processes, and public policy.

Presidio Graduate School prepares our students—current and future leadership team members—to stand out above the noise and greenwash, and to design and implement research-based and organizationally-effective strategies. Presidio graduates receive the right business and public administration graduate education, hands-on organizational experience, sustainability and social justice vision, leadership training, and systems-level execution strategies to help organizations to remain relevant, meet growing customer expectations, address environmental and societal needs, and uncover lasting sources of competitive advantage.

Roles Our Alumni Currently Hold

You’ll find our talented graduates in key roles at premier corporations, nonprofit organizations, and startups, as well as serving in state and local governments.

  • Workday

    Senior Director, Environmental Sustainability

  • Facebook

    Design Program Manager

  • Goldman Sachs

    Managing Director, Chief Sustainability Officer, Merchant Banking Division

  • Jacobs

    Sustainability & Climate Action, Global Technology Leader

  • Washington State Legislature

    Senator and Majority Caucus Vice Chair

  • Alaska Airlines

    Sustainability Director

  • The North Face

    Director, Social Impact and Advocacy at The North Face

  • The RealReal

    Director of Sustainability

  • The University of Texas at Arlington

    Chief Sustainability Officer

  • HP

    Climate and Environmental Program Manager

Employers Ask Us

Providing real-world experiences is a hallmark of our school, and we offer numerous ways for students to garner valuable, practical experience to allow them to apply what they learn in real time. This is why you’ll find our graduates leading critical sustainability initiatives across all industries and sectors. While at Presidio, our students supplement their prior work experience with valuable opportunities to apply their learnings in real time though these and other programs:

  • Our Experiential Learning projects provide opportunities for students to deliver actual projects for leading organizations across all industries and sectors.
  • Many of our graduate courses include real-time organizational projects.
  • Students can apply to be paid contributors to PGS Consults projects alongside our stellar faculty and graduates.
  • Students can participate in the Shadow PGS Consults program, where they can observe and learn from current PGS Consults engagements.
  1. Start with your own employees. Support them in getting their degrees and certificates at Presidio Graduate School by becoming an enrollment partner.
  2. Hire Presidio graduates as your next employees. Share your job openings for easier and more targeted job posting distribution, candidate sourcing, and narrowing of the applicant pool.
  3. Commission an Experiential Learning Project. Benefit from having a team of students work on a high-stakes Operations/Supply Chain, Marketing, and/or Financial Systems project for your organization.
  4. Get swift access to Presidio teams through PGS Consults.

Our alumni serving on corporate boards in collaboration with PGS Consults conduct ESG training for board members; contact to schedule a training for your board.

Sure, we talk with many organizations in this way! Contact us to schedule a presentation so that you and your colleagues can learn more about our degree programs and certificates.

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