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About Us

Welcome. We're Pleased to Meet You!

Presidio Graduate School is the first and only independent graduate school dedicated entirely to educating people who are working for a more just and sustainable world.

We’re not like other grad schools. Our curriculum integrates sustainability, equity, and social impact to better prepare you for your dream job as a changemaker. As a Presidio student, you’ll develop the mindset and skills to create tangible, positive impact—and you’ll join our growing community of passionate sustainability professionals.​

What makes Presidio different? Our programs and pedagogy are different. We’ve specifically designed our academic programs to launch our graduates into impactful careers at corporations, nonprofits, impact-focused startups, and governments. Our faculty are dedicated practitioners working on the cutting edge of sustainability and social justice, and they bring real-world insights into the classroom. Our forward-looking curriculum integrates sustainability, equity, and social impact.

And our students are different. Presidio students are bold, creative thinkers working to reimagine the methods and systems that have created or perpetuated some of our most intractable social and environmental problems. They challenge the status quo and dare to grapple with the most pressing issues—because we believe our world’s greatest problems present opportunities to design thoughtful, innovative interventions that prioritize equity and resilience.

We’re building a community of change because we’re filled with hope for a future that’s nurtured by the voices and actions of our students and graduates.​ Join us!

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Presidio Graduate School offers MBA, MPA, Dual Degree, and Certificate programs designed for aspiring changemakers. Find your fit.

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