Presidio Graduate School Cultivates Dreamers Who Land Dream Jobs

Dreams abound at Presidio Graduate School. Early in the Spring 2021 semester, Presidio Graduate School’s current cohorts of MBA and MPA students were asked to complete a “Dream Job” survey as part of the MBA… Read more »

Blue Action Lab: Building a Resilient Future for the Bahamas and Beyond

In our Changemakers in Action series, we meet dedicated sustainability and social justice leaders and learn how they are bringing about positive change. We’re pleased to feature a guest post from PGS alum Rupert Hayward,… Read more »

4 Tips for Writing an Authentic Essay for Your Graduate School Application

Writing an application essay for a graduate school program can feel a bit daunting, to say the least. We all want to make the best impression we can and also communicate our message of why… Read more »

A Systems Approach to Electrifying Existing Homes

This is surely the decade for real climate action. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that unless we achieve certain targets by 2030, we may pass the point of no return on many… Read more »

Reframing Racism as a Human Rights Risk

Racial equity and justice are at their core human rights issues. As sustainability and social impact leaders, we often put human rights frameworks such as the Universal Declaration on Human Rights at the center of… Read more »

Susan Stewart: How Choosing PGS Restored a Dream Deferred

Incoming Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree candidate Susan K. Stewart embodies what it means to be a Presidian. Stewart is a remarkable leader and an accomplished Deputy Attorney General with more than fifteen years… Read more »

What Our Scholarships Say About Our Values

A dear colleague that I considered to be a mentor once told me something that has stuck with me over the years: “You can tell the true mission of an organization by looking at its… Read more »

The Top Five Reasons to Apply to Presidio Graduate School

If you’re looking for a graduate program to challenge your thinking and provide the skills and network to help position you for a changemaker career, look no further! Here are the top five reasons to… Read more »

Catching Up With… Kevin Wilhelm

PGS Academic Dean Maggie Winslow regularly sits down with our alums to hear how their Presidio Graduate School education and experience have served them in their careers and to gain insights into the nitty-gritty of… Read more »

Returning to Presidio Graduate School

When I left PGS in 2012, I never imagined that I would return. When we picture our career trajectories, we always imagine moving forward, on to something new. But honestly, it does feel like something… Read more »

How Big Tech Can Go All-In on Climate Action

In recent weeks, the new Biden Administration has brought a wave of activity around climate to Capitol Hill. It’s an exciting time, and for many of us who are deeply concerned about climate change, it… Read more »

Spend Like It Matters: Put Your Thumb on the Scales of Economic Justice

We can all make a meaningful difference when it comes to striving towards racial equity and justice; sometimes it just means we need to be more intentional. Hear from Laura Clise, social entrepreneur, and Founder… Read more »