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Admissions FAQ

If you have a question that’s not covered here, please feel free to schedule a time to talk with an Admissions team member.

What degrees does Presidio Graduate School offer?

Presidio Graduate School offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a Dual MBA/MPA Degree in Sustainable Solutions, which are delivered via a hybrid schedule.

There are non-degree options available through our Continuing Education Certificate Program, which includes concentrations in Leadership, Marketing & Product Development, Operations, and/or Energy Management.

Lastly, we also offer professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers through our Climate Change Essentials for All Educators program, an online certificate that equips K-12 educators with the tools and confidence to incorporate climate change education into any classroom, regardless of subject area, grade level, or state requirements.

Presidio was founded on the belief and understanding that graduate education needed a dramatic transformation. Traditional methods of business and policy had often failed to engage the intersections of our economies, communities, and environments, and left us with unforseen and disastrous consequences.

What the Presidio founders understood is that the challenges of the modern world demanded an evolved, modern style of education. We still operate by this founding principle: that sustainability belongs at the core of our curriculum, not the sidelines. At Presidio, you will find sustainability and systems-thinking woven throughout your coursework. Our professors will challenge you to take a systemic approach to each issue, and look beyond symptoms to evaluate root causes. You will be challenged to build impact assessments for all stakeholders—including the environment—and evaluate the potential outcomes of a business or policy decision with attention to long-term consequences.

At Presidio, sustainability is both our foundation and our north star. Learn more about our teaching approach and dig a little deeper by reading this blog post: Climate Change in Every Course at Presidio Graduate School.

Graduates of our MBA, MPA, Dual Degree, and Certificate programs are equipped for a wide variety of roles across for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Not only can sustainability principles be applied in every industry, government regulation and consumer demand are increasingly driving sustainability to be a must across businesses and policies. Accordingly, our alumni network is made up of an incredibly diverse array of professional experience: entrepreneurs, Chief Sustainability Officers, non-profit presidents, elected officials, sustainability consultants, and more.

We believe we all need to do our part and we all need to work together across industry lines to truly address complex issues for a better future.

To learn more about Presidio’s vibrant alumni community, we invite you to explore some of the latest Spotlights on the Presidian Blog to read about the impact of Presidio alums. We also welcome you to follow Presidio on LinkedIn to is another resource highlighting the success of our alumni community.

Presidio Graduate School is looking for candidates who are passionate about cultivating the tools to build positive momentum in the global environmental and social justice movements. Our students priorotize collaboration over competition—focusing on how we can be the best together, versus individually. If you are looking for a community-driven academic experience that priorotizes intentionality and impact, we hope you will connect with us to learn more.

We know that choosing your graduate school is a monumental decision. But our dedicated team is here to help you get the information and insight you need to figure out if Presidio is your right fit. Reach out to us at (415) 655-8912 or schedule a call with one of our team members.

In our MBA and Dual Degree programs, each course is designed to meet for an in-person intensive, or “Residency,” which takes place once a month for four days (Thursday through Sunday). Full-time students will take four classes per term and are required to attend all four days of residency each month (one class per day). Classes run from 9am–5pm PST Thursday and Friday with an hour designated for lunch, meetings, activities, and networking; classes run from 9am–5:30pm PST Saturday and Sunday with an hour and a half lunch. Part-time students take between one to three classes and meet on their designated residency days.

Approximately half of our student body commutes to the Bay Area for our monthly in-person classes. If you would like to be put in touch with a commuter student to hear about their experience of traveling for class, please contact us.

MBA and Dual Degree students are required to complete three Experiential Learning projects as part of the degree programs. The courses that currently offer experiential learning are Marketing and Communications for Social Impact, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Strategy for Sustainability.


Presidio faculty bring a vast wealth of experience and expertise to our school. Often, our faculty are active practitioners in their fields, meaning we have professors who are also consultants, local government officials, or multi-doctorate academics who also instruct at other institutions around the world.

Presidio’s faculty are a critical and core part of our commitment to integrate sustainability into our curriculum—our professors are driven to make an impact and provide our students with relevant, cutting edge education across marketing, operations, supply chain, and more.

Meet our brilliant faculty and learn more about their rich personal and professional work.

Presidio’s academic programs are rigorous and demand deep engagement from our students, so we offer flexible scheduling to ensure our students can continue to meet their professional obligations and support their mental health while earning their degree.

Our MBA and Dual Degree programs allow for both full- and part-time options to ensure our students have the flexibility they need to balance their graduate education with other commitments.

Not sure what schedule would work best for you? Our Admissions Team will be happy to meet with you and select the academic schedule that works best with your needs.

As an academic institution, Presidio Graduate School is deeply committed to providing accessible pathways to transformative education. We are proud to offer deferred payment plans, generous scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. We encourage you to explore the details of our offerings and learn more, or set up a 1:1 financial planning session with one of our team members.

Requirements for admissions—and tips to help your application stand our—are available through our Application page.

If you still have questions, we invite you to set up time to connect with a member of our Admissions Team, who will be happy to help you navigate the application process and get started.

Our Admissions Team will be happy to connect you with a Presidio student or alum or coordinate a class visit to help you get an insider view of Presidio. We welcome you to reach out to our Admissions Team to ensure we connect you with the individual or course that best meets your interests.

Presidio welcomes international applicants to apply for our online programs, including our Sustainability Certificates.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting international students into our hybrid MBA or Dual Degree programs at this time (although we hope to in the future). Please keep in touch with our Admissions team to learn when we can offer classes to international students!

Presidio accepts, but does not require, the GRE or GMAT. In keeping with our academic philosophy, we take a “total systems” approach to admissions, recognizing that standardized tests are not always the best indicator of a successful student of our programs or in life.

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