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Sustainability Certificates

Expertise for Career Advancement and Lifelong Learning

Sustainability certificates from Presidio Graduate School instill vital knowledge and skills needed to integrate sustainable management solutions and systems thinking into any industry. We currently offer four different specialized certificates, all of which include three courses for twelve credits.

These programs are particularly suited for professionals and leaders who may already have a graduate degree and/or industry experience but are looking to evolve their toolkit with the latest research and methods in sustainable practice.

Explore Our Sustainability Certificates

The Certificate in Sustainable Leadership program applies a strengths-based approach to fostering the essential individual leadership and communication capabilities needed for managers in business and public administration. These capabilities support collaborating, influencing, and acting as an effective change agent for sustainability in any type of business, organization, or community. You’ll develop essential communication approaches and reflective practices to prepare you for dealing successfully with conflict, virtual leadership, and the complex change management challenges that exist in our evolving business climate. Individual and team effectiveness will be enhanced through self-assessment, feedback, and practice in a supportive environment. The program will also explore the meaning of leadership as it has evolved over time and reveal new roles required to facilitate effective organizational and social transformation toward sustainability.

Course sequence:

  • MBA610: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice
  • MBA620: Cultivating Leadership Capacity
  • MBA630: Leading Organizations and Change (prerequisite: MBA620)

The Certificate in Sustainable Management program will equip you with the tools you need to make the business case for sustainability. Across all sectors and industries, there are ample opportunities to reimagine and reconstruct our systems to be more effective, efficient, and resilient. This program will cover systems thinking approaches, an overview of sustainability practice, and a collection of methods to apply economic tools, concepts, and frameworks to build sustainable business interventions and solutions. You’ll also learn how to make a climate action plan and practice sustainability reporting.

Course sequence:

  • MBA610: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice
  • 2 Elective Courses**

**Students may take 8 units from either the MBA or MPA in Sustainable Solutions programs to customize this certificate. Courses from the online MPA in Sustainable Management are not eligible toward completion of the certificate. 

Moving to sustainable practices in fast-paced and complex operating environments requires a new set of leadership skills. The Certificate in Sustainable Operations program will give you working knowledge of the sustainability practices and analysis tools available to optimize the delivery of products and services and design sustainable supply chains. You’ll master models for creating significant, long-lasting change in organizations and systems while demonstrating how sustainable practices can help them achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

Course sequence:

  • MBA610: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice
  • SUST6140: Data Analytics
  • SUST6220: Operations and Supply Chain Management

In the Certificate in Sustainable Energy Management program, you’ll cultivate a systems-thinking approach to the tools and strategies needed to transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the energy system as well as climate action planning, carbon accounting, and sustainability reporting standards. The program will give you an opportunity to apply concepts and solutions surrounding energy, climate, and social responsibility issues to any industry through customized team projects and presentations.

Course sequence:

  • MBA610: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice
  • MBA674: Energy Systems for Sustainability
  • MBA660: Climate and ESG (prerequisite: MBA610)
Bryan Stubbs
“The Presidio Certificate Program in Sustainability Management was key in sharpening and updating my skills, and the investment has paid for itself multiple times over. The Certificate Program allowed me to update my skills, grow my impact, and build a powerful network.”
Bryan Stubbs
Executive Director and President Cleveland Water Alliance

Learning Methods

Our Certificate programs are delivered using a hybrid model that draws from the best features of both distance and in-person learning models. Through our virtual class programs, we are able to offer wider access to our unique programming, and via our monthly, in-person sessions students gain the opportunity to engage with peers and enhance their network. Students are required to attend monthly weekend residencies of intensive interpersonal instruction in a classroom setting. Video conference calls, learning forums, readings, and team assignments and projects with real companies connect the residencies. A typical certificate student registers for one or two courses per semester. Students attend residency weekends for one or two days a month, and each class is a full seven hours of instruction.

Additional Program Details

Anyone interested in pursuing a certificate at Presidio Graduate School must first complete an undergraduate degree and then submit an application for admission.

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