Achieving Racial Equity Is Integral to Sustainability

We are observing that sustainability and impact professionals are starting to address racial justice as a part of their work more consistently. Today, we hear from guest blogger Alice Korngold, author, thought leader and President… Read more »

How to Talk About Race

There are few topics that almost instantaneously provoke such strong and unyielding emotions as a discussion about race and racism. Venues where such conversations would have been considered “inappropriate” and off-limits in previous years are… Read more »

Companies Need to Institutionalize Climate Solutions in Every Department

Businesses are on notice. Corporations’ excessive exploitation of Earth’s resources and degradation of its carrying capacity are continuing unabated in the second decade of the 21st century. The United Nations Global Compact warns that “despite progress made in many… Read more »

Philanthropy and Racial Equity: Shifting Focus

As part of the ongoing work we are doing at Presidio Graduate School (PGS) in the area of equity and social justice, we are hosting an event where we will explore the intersection of racial… Read more »

Sitting at the Intersection of Inclusion and Impact

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Melynnie Rizvi who is Deputy General Counsel and Senior Director of Employment, Inclusion, and Impact at SurveyMonkey. Melynnie holds a powerful role which includes… Read more »

Climate Change in Every Course at Presidio Graduate School

As COVID-19 rages around the world and antiracists agitate against police brutality, climate change remains the existential threat in the background. It may not always be the breaking news story or the latest viral video,… Read more »

Alumna Chandra Alexandre: Strengthening Marin County Through Community Action

In our Changemakers in Action series, we meet dedicated sustainability and social justice leaders and learn how they are bringing about positive change. We’re pleased to launch this series by interviewing PGS alumna Chandra Alexandre,… Read more »

Exploring the Role of Leadership in Sustainability: Two Presidians on the Campaign Trail

We regularly interview Presidio Graduate School alumni to learn how they are applying their degrees to address sustainability and social justice challenges in their lives and work. We recently caught up with Bay Area locals… Read more »

Winikunka, Colombia

Creating Opportunity in Latin America

For several years, Presidio Graduate School has worked collaboratively with Universidad UEAN in Bogota, Colombia on a number of projects. This is an exciting opportunity for PGS, as well as for students with roots in… Read more »

Introducing Our Racial Equity in Action Series

Welcome to our new series, Racial Equity in Action. Here, we will explore how, as sustainability and impact leaders, we can move the needle towards a more equitable and just society. Our series will sit… Read more »

Asking Meaningful Questions: Using a Systems-Thinking Lens to Address Complex Consulting Projects

The way questions are framed, the order in which they are delivered, and the tone of voice used to ask them are all part of the delicate art of asking questions. Good questions inspire change,… Read more »

Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at PGS

Each summer, the PGS team works on annual goals to take us through the next fiscal year to align with our top organizational goals and three-year strategic plan. Last summer, we created PGS’s first official… Read more »