Catching Up With… Kevin Wilhelm

PGS Academic Dean Maggie Winslow regularly sits down with our alums to hear how their Presidio Graduate School education and experience have served them in their careers and to gain insights into the nitty-gritty of… Read more »

Returning to Presidio Graduate School

When I left PGS in 2012, I never imagined that I would return. When we picture our career trajectories, we always imagine moving forward, on to something new. But honestly, it does feel like something… Read more »

How Big Tech Can Go All-In on Climate Action

In recent weeks, the new Biden Administration has brought a wave of activity around climate to Capitol Hill. It’s an exciting time, and for many of us who are deeply concerned about climate change, it… Read more »

Spend Like It Matters: Put Your Thumb on the Scales of Economic Justice

We can all make a meaningful difference when it comes to striving towards racial equity and justice; sometimes it just means we need to be more intentional. Hear from Laura Clise, social entrepreneur, and Founder… Read more »

5 Steps Boards Can Take to Be ESG-ready for 2021

Amongst the many dramatic challenges global businesses faced in 2020, one that had been simmering for years bubbled up and promised to stay at a high boil in 2021 is ESG: Environment, Social, Governance. Signs… Read more »

Welcoming Our Newest Presidians!

As a new term begins, we are proud to welcome the next group of Presidians entering our MBA, Dual Degree, and MPA programs. PGS is in the unique position of being able to attract students… Read more »

Presidians and the Collaborative Nature of Trees

With a western New Year comes a new group of students entering the Presidio Graduate School community. The celebration of the New Year, whenever it may occur, often brings ideas of new hope, new beginnings,… Read more »

How to Rebound from 2020 with Equity

What a year 2020 was! The COVID-19 pandemic underscored inequities within our healthcare systems, the murders of unarmed Black men and women further illuminated anti-Black violence, and the political divide widened in the U.S. as… Read more »

Our Ongoing Equity and Social Justice Journey

Last year, Presidio Graduate School (PGS) announced its Initiative for Equity & Social Justice with a mission to leverage the PGS student body, faculty, and partnerships to collaborate and create thought leadership, research, and programs… Read more »

Striving for Unity in Our Time of Crisis

We’re living in a time unlike any other. Just a year ago, could we have fathomed the world we live in now? Our old priorities now seem insignificant, and the future remains uncertain. As a… Read more »

Using Radical Alignment to Design Sustainability-Focused Organizations

PGS alum and bestselling author Bob Gower helps organizations design and build future-ready systems. He is an authority on lean, agile, and responsive organization design, and has worked with Ford, Spotify, GE, and many others…. Read more »

How Big Business and Environmentalists Align in This Crisis

Big business and environmentalists are often pitted against each other. While distrust and resentment may often exist between the two groups, there is actually an abundance of win-win solutions that improve financial performance through better… Read more »