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The Imperative for Sustainability in Entertainment

In an era where the spotlight shines ever brighter on the harsh realities of climate change, the entertainment industry stands at the intersection of both challenge and opportunity. From the glitz of Hollywood blockbusters to the pulsating energy of live music concerts, the industry churns out millions of climate-warming emissions annually, alongside mountains of waste.

Consider the staggering statistics: depending on the scale of the production, movies can emit anywhere from 391 metric tons for a modest film to a whopping 3,370 metric tons of CO2 equivalents for blockbuster behemoths like Oppenheimer or Barbie—that’s enough energy to power 656 homes for a year1! Meanwhile, live music performances in the U.S. alone contribute over 400,000 tons of carbon pollution annually, with factors like audience travel, energy consumption for lighting/sound, and waste generated at concerts and festivals all playing significant roles2. Live music in the U.S. generates over 115 million pounds of waste annually, with large music festivals producing up to 100 tons of solid waste per day3—much of it plastic.

Yet, within this tumult of challenges lies a glimmer of hope. With its large platform and cultural resonance, the entertainment industry wields a unique power to shape public discourse and inspire societal change. Recognizing the need for sustainable practices in the entertainment industry, along with the untapped potential of its power to drive societal change, leading organizations and individuals are now stepping up to address this gap, such as the Environmental Media Association (EMA).

How Our Alumni are Shaping the Scene

young man with brown hair wearing blue pattern shirtEnter Demitri Fierro, a 2023 graduate of Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program and a Sustainability Communications Contributor for the EMA. As part of his role, Demitri not only lends his support to climate events harnessing the influence of entertainment for positive change but also crafts compelling content to amplify their impact.

Recently, Demitri had the privilege of participating in the inaugural Music Sustainability Summit in downtown Los Angeles. Sponsored by the Music Sustainability Alliance—an organization founded by fellow Presidio alum Amy Morrison—this event brought together thought leaders, executives, and celebrity sustainability advocates to explore how the music and entertainment industry can harmonize efforts toward a better world.

Demitri shares his key insights and reflections from this groundbreaking summit in his latest article for the EMA. Dive into his discourse to discover the symphony of ideas and initiatives propelling the music and entertainment industry towards a more sustainable future. Click the link below to read and join the crescendo of change!

[Read Demitri’s Article Here]



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