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State Authorization of Distance Education

States have varying rules, requirements and regulations that govern online (distance) education offered by out-of-state postsecondary institutions. These rules require higher education institutions that offer distance education to state residents to obtain exemption, approval, authorization or other certification from the relevant state agencies. Many of these regulations also apply to field experiences (e.g., internships, practicums, clinicals, etc.) in the state.

Presidio Graduate School researches and monitors state authorization requirements in each state and continues to make good faith efforts to secure the appropriate authorization and/or licensure to offer online programs in each state in which it enrolls students. Prospective and current students should check this website for continual updates on Presidio Graduate School’s state authorization statuses. For states with an approved status, please be aware that individual programs may not be approved or may be pending approval by a state authority and cannot be offered to students residing in that state.

State Relocation Notice

Students who relocate while enrolled may be unable to complete their studies if they are moving to a country or state where Presidio Graduate School is not currently authorized to offer that particular program. Prospective students should contact their Admissions Advisor to discuss how relocation could alter their eligibility, while current students should contact their Academic Advisor if they are considering relocating during their course of study.

Since Presidio Graduate School must be authorized/approved to offer programs in each state, there may be consequences for applicants and students who relocate to a state or country where the institution does not meet state requirements or has yet to be approved. There are also program limitations even in states where the school is authorized/approved; for states with an authorized/approved status, applicants/students may not be able to apply, continue, or change to a particular program, as not all programs may be approved by a state licensing authority. In these cases, these programs cannot be offered to students residing in that state.

State-Regulated Refund Policies for Online/Distance Learning

Tuition refunds for students enrolled in online programs who reside in certain states will be issued in accordance with the policies required by the laws and regulations of those states. However, if the school’s standard Refund Policy is more beneficial to those students, the school will follow its standard Refund Policy. State-specific refund policies are listed below.

Student Consumer Information

The Presidio Graduate School Consumer Disclosures page at provides links to a suite of important Presidio Graduate School information, disclosures, policies and procedures. Per the Higher Education Opportunity Act, this information is intended to provide an assortment of pertinent and helpful information to prospective students, current students, their families, support persons, and other interested parties. This information web page includes resources and links to academic policies, financial aid resources, general institutional information, health, safety and security items, student services, admissions expectations, and a variety of other areas. See for more information.

Update status current as of June 30, 2021.

State Authorization Status

Arizona Exempt
Colorado Exempt
Delaware Authorized
Hawaii Exempt
Idaho Exempt
Illinois Exempt
Louisiana Exempt
Massachusetts Exempt
Missouri Exempt
Nebraska Exempt
New Jersey Exempt
New York Authorized
Ohio Exempt
Oklahoma Exempt
Oregon Authorized
Pennsylvania Exempt
South Carolina Exempt
South Dakota Exempt
Tennessee Exempt
Texas Exempt
Vermont Exempt
Virginia Exempt
Washington Exempt


Each institution of higher education is required to provide all prospective and current students with the contact information for the state agency, or agencies, that handle complaints against postsecondary education institutions offering online (distance) learning within that state.

If a prospective or current student has a complaint, we encourage you to resolve them informally or formally through Student Services before submitting a complaint to an external entity. Please contact our senior administration at with any concerns or questions.

Should a student wish to file a complaint in their home state, please select the state contact on the State Complaint located in the student catalog, available here:

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