MBA/MPA Dual Degree

Presidio Graduate School offers students the ability to earn a dual MBA/MPA degree in sustainable management in three years. This 90-credit degree combines the best of our private sector innovation education with our cutting-edge public sector training.

Summary of the MBA/MPA Program

From Marketing and Sustainable Operations, to Urban Development, and Public Sector Finance, our Dual Degree students are able to see the entire playing field from multiple institutional perspectives, and have a comprehensive view of how to innovate and make change. This is an ideal choice for students looking to have leadership roles in industries that operate between the public and private sectors, and who seek to align commercial and policy goals toward more sustainable outcomes.

The Dual Degree allows graduates to thrive anywhere in a market system, from local and federal government agencies, to entrepreneurial start-ups, to Fortune 100 companies, to NGOs. Our Dual Degree students are also ideally suited to work in highly-regulated industries, including energy, food and agriculture, and health care; and to land roles in business development, advocacy, or external affairs.

An integrated design.

The design of the PGS Dual Degree illustrates our distinctive systems-thinking approach to sustainable management. The Dual Degree is built upon the same MBA and MPA foundations as our single degree programs.

While our individual MBA and MPA curriculum are already closely integrated, with 50% of coursework in common between them, the Dual Degree allows a student to take the entire set of PGS offerings, gaining deep skills in cross-sector management and collaboration.

The dual degree program culminates in MBA and MPA Capstone projects which demonstrate the graduate’s readiness to take on the most intractable intersectoral challenges.

JD/MBA Concurrent Degree

Through a relationship with the University of California Hastings College of Law, PGS has been able to chart a path for students interested in concurrently earning a JD and MBA in Sustainable Management over the course of 4.5 years.

Summary of the JD/MBA Program

Earning the UC Hastings JD and the PGS MBA concurrently takes less time and costs less than it would to earn the two degrees serially. The savings is accomplished by each school recognizing courses taken at the other as counting toward the degree it confers. For a sample UC Hastings/PGS concurrent degree timeline and other helpful information, see Exhibits A-D.

Eligibility Requirements

To concurrently obtain a JD from UC Hastings and an MBA from PGS, students must be accepted to each institution under its separate admissions procedures. Information about PGS admissions requirements are available here, and UC Hastings admissions information is available here.

To be eligible to participate in the concurrent degree arrangement with PGS, current UC Hastings students should ideally apply to PGS during their 1L year, and must be admitted by no later than the end of their 2L year. In addition, once accepted, to be eligible to continue with the concurrent degree arrangement, UC Hastings students must successfully complete the 1L curriculum with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5, complete the Request for Approval Form from the Records Office, and receive approval of a study plan from the Associate Academic Dean. Only credits from PGS that are pre-approved pursuant to this process may be applied toward the JD, and, then, only if the UC Hastings student successfully completes the PGS degree requirements.

Current students interested in the JD/MBA Dual degree program should contact Steven Crane, PGS Dean of MBA and Certificate Programs.

Additional Requirements

Students participating in the concurrent degree arrangement between UC Hastings and PGS must meet each institution’s separate standards for continued enrollment and for conferral of a degree. For the PGS MBA, this means the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Each student is individually responsible for meeting those requirements, including by obtaining the necessary pre-approvals for credit transfers. In addition, a student’s ability to sit for the bar exam may be delayed until both degrees are earned, and students concurrently enrolled in multiple degree programs must be cognizant that each program has limits on the number of years in which a student may take to complete their degrees.

‘Business’ and ‘government’ are so radically intertwined, and both fundamentally human institutions – the separation, if one ever existed, is increasingly thin – policy shapes business and business shapes policy, and the same people are playing both sides of the game. Sustainability can’t be fostered by business alone, nor government alone, but both working in concert.

-Edward West, Founder, Mission Motors
MBA ’07, Presidio Graduate School


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