The Sustainable Energy Management Certificate Program requires two courses: the Sustainable Energy Management elective and Principles of Sustainable Management (4 unit core course).

The Sustainable Energy Management elective explores energy technologies within a framework of social and environmental stewardship on a global scale. The concentration course begins with an overview of various energy sources and then explores the fundamentals of current and future energy systems with a focus on technologies with high development potential. The course, Sustainable Energy Management, uses a pragmatic and systemic approach to the subject of energy management, including technological, environmental, economic, strategic, organizational, and public policy dimensions.

Students will work in teams to learn about current energy technology trends and relevant economic and environmental issues. They will learn about and apply appropriate management tools for developing sustainable energy systems including economic and policy analysis, planning, and evaluation.

This Certificate is the first in a planned series of Certificates in the Cleantech Management Certificate Program (CMCP). PGS intends to offer additional cleantech-related Certificates in Green Chemistry, Sustainable Water Management, Sustainable Food Management, and Sustainable Transportation Management by offering electives in those subjects as a Cleantech Management Series.

Course Credit

Participants will receive transferable course credit, will receive a Certificate issued by Presidio Graduate School, and their certification will appear on an official transcript.


PGS courses are delivered in a hybrid (online and in person format). Each course meets in person five times per semester for all-day Residencies, with online, collaborative work in between the Residencies. For more information see the learning environment page and the Academic Calendar.

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Tuition and Fees

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