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Presidio Graduate School Business Sustainability Booster

Presidio Graduate School’s Business Sustainability Booster is a self-guided modeling tool of how to build a conscious company from the bottom up – the next step towards a more sustainable business solution!

Sustaining Our Planet: A Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

With the support of The Lemelson Foundation, Presidio Graduate School partnered with VentureWell and NESsT  to develop this set of resources to help inventor entrepreneurs develop products that will improve people’s lives and generate profits – without putting additional stress on our resource-strapped planet.

For more information about the tool, its creators, or to book a talk, webinar, or walk-through for your organization, reach out to

Download the Presidio Graduate School Business Sustainability Booster [PDF]

Booster Resources

A fast summary of the Presidio Business Model Canvas Sustainability Booster by Marsha Willard. Presented by Jeremy Faludi, professor of sustainable design engineering at TU Delft. 6 minutes.

Conscious Company Media Webinar. 59 minutes.

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