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I had the pleasure of going to dinner with Presidio’s community event speaker, Stephanie Lampkin, Dean Steven Crane and Avi Kruley earlier this month. Stephanie is the Founder & CEO of Blendoor, a “blind recruiting” app that facilitates job matching based on merit. Blendoor is a startup application aimed at increasing diversity in the workplace, which is scheduled to launch early next month.

Stephanie began coding as a teenager and went on to Stanford to get an Engineering degree and later to MIT Sloan MBA; however, when she applied to Google and went through several rounds of interviews, she was eventually told that she didn’t have the technical experience, despite her rich experience in the technical world. She later went on to found Blendoor in response to not only her situation, but the shared experience of many others. The goal of Blendoor is to highlight the information that’s most relevant to a candidate being a “good fit” independent of race, gender, ability, military history or sexual orientation.

From left to right: Avi Kruley (C22/PA6), Stephanie Lampkin, CEO & Founder of Blendoor, Andrea Prebys-Williams, Steven Crane, Dean, Degree and Certificate Programs Managerial Finance
From left to right: Avi Kruley, Stephani Lampkin, Andre Prebys-Williams, Steven Crane

At the Presidio event, she gave an overview of her startup and then answered questions, Quickfire style, posed from students who were eager to learn more about the business. Her talent and knowledge were impressive, coupled with her approachability and charisma. She seemed to fit in well with the Presidio community and could have easily been an alum of PGS (she already has her MBA so we don’t want to imply she’s like a student, right?). Someone from the audience asked about the best way to support her and Blendoor at this time. Her response was a request for interested parties to sign up on the website. Those who do will be notified on updates and launch details.

Best of luck to Stephanie and Blendoor!

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