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Increasingly, leaders in different business functions will be called to apply sustainability practices to their work. And an upcoming daylong intensive course on energy efficiency from PresidioPRO could be a valuable skill for a diverse range of jobs.

Terry Shire, from EcoFactor will be teaching the course running June 18. Energy Efficiency: Fundamentals and Job Opportunities will help students learn the basics of energy efficiency including applying calculations to your building to set a baseline, and understanding opportunities to save energy, reduce emissions and lower costs.

At the end of the course, students will know how to prepare an energy audit, take advantage of available incentives, and calculate return on investment.

The course will conclude with an analysis of the leading companies in energy efficiency and potential job roles in this space.

According to Shire, a combination of new technology, smart grids, and big data are creating immense opportunities for energy efficiency jobs and innovation. His company EcoFactor, for example, is leveraging smart thermostats, big data analytics and predictive algorithms to provide solutions for the residential market that can cut energy consumed from heating and cooling by up to 36 per cent.

There is also endless potential for energy savings in buildings, which the course will focus on. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings consume two thirds of all electricity consumption. Buildings also create just under a third of all U.S. greenhouse gases emissions, a major contributing factor is due to the fact that half of electricity is still being generated from burning coal.

“Taking those big numbers, I think both commercial and residential buildings are great areas to focus on, and by applying enabling technologies coupled with operational efficiencies there are huge opportunities to drive down consumption” says Shire.

To learn more about the course, click here.

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