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A lot of factors weigh in on the decision to attend graduate school. When navigating your options, it’s important to understand the nuances between degrees that sound similar. Earning your Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sustainable Solutions or Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Presidio Graduate School can undoubtedly set you apart from other candidates in the workplace, but which degree is right for your career goals? Here, we describe the key components of our graduate degrees to help you choose the best Master’s degree for you.

MBA in Sustainability

Professionals have long been drawn to an MBA degree to achieve a higher standing in the business world, but our MBA in Sustainable Solutions degree can open even more doors. With a specific focus on creating a more sustainable world through ethical and regenerative business practices, this degree combines the fundamentals of business administration with tools that will give students a cutting edge as they lead industries forward through an ever-changing landscape of challenges. Consider the following aspects of this degree when determining whether it’s the right fit:

MBA Program foundations

Our MBA in Sustainability program offers fresh ways of examining age-old problems by linking proven business administration teachings with sustainable solutions. This might include themes like:

  • Sustainable literacy
  • Operations management
  • Microeconomics
  • Ethics
  • Social justice
  • Leadership
  • Data analytics
  • Capital management

Though the courses themselves offer some new approaches, it’s the integration of these ideas that present professionals with an all-inclusive understanding of business today.

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Career opportunities

Graduates of our MBA in Sustainable Solutions program will have received an education designed to complement any organization with sustainable goals, products, or services, including these roles:

  • Directors of sustainability
  • Management roles in industries focused on sustainability
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Executive directors
  • Entrepreneurs

Overall, if you’re dedicated to driving change within a certain organization or field, or within an industry in general, an MBA in Sustainable Solutions might be for you.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

If your interests align more with public service, you might want to consider our online MPA program. It offers education and guidance for sustainability-minded professionals who desire to become a progressive public leader. Consider the following aspects of our MPA:

Program foundations

Our comprehensive MPA degree includes themes and courses such as:

  • Data analytics
  • Communication
  • Macroeconomics
  • Research methods
  • Policy
  • Finance
  • Sustainable literacy

Integration of these educational pillars with the teachings of sustainable solutions provides students a holistic view of the public sector and civic sustainability challenges.

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Career opportunities

Graduates of this program find gainful employment in areas such as:

  • State and local government
  • Nonprofit management
  • Urban development
  • Financial management

Earn your degree with Presidio Graduate School

Whether you’ve decided on an MBA or MPA degree, the opportunities for career advancement in a world-changing field are virtually endless. We also offer a dual MBA-MPA degree program. Take the next step with a graduate degree or certificate program at Presidio Graduate School, home to students from across the United States. Request more information about earning your Master’s degree or apply today.

About the Author / Merry Richter

Merry served as the Director of Marketing & Communications at Presidio Graduate School and the Editor of the Presidian Blog from 2020 to 2021. Her posts share happenings at Presidio, alumni and student stories, and helpful resources and stories of impact.

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