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For CivicSpark Climate Action Corps Fellows who spend a year implementing sustainability and resilience projects in California’s local public agencies, a next career-building step is to earn a Master of Public Administration or Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Solutions from San Francisco-based Presidio Graduate School. This is the path that CivicSpark Alumnus Adam Murphy has chosen.

After earning his Bachelor’s at Cal State East Bay, Adam became a CivicSpark Climate Fellow working on compost and organics services projects in Contra Costa County. When investigating various graduate programs, Presidio “jumped out” at him. “It was love at first sight; everything about the school resonated with me.”

Adam applied and was accepted to Presidio’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program.“From the beginning, I felt really close with my classmates and connected to the professors. I look forward to every class, which not only is packed with great information but also is infused with sustainability and social justice. Even if you’re not a math person, the analytics class will interest you because of the connection with sustainability.”

Adam Murphy

“If you are part of CivicSpark, then a Presidio graduate degree should really interest you.” —Adam Murphy, CivicSpark alumnus and Presidio Graduate School MPA student

Smooth Path from CivicSpark to Presidio

Taking this career-building path, as Adam is doing, has just been made smoother through a partnership between CivicSpark and Presidio—empowering CivicSpark Fellows and alumni to continue their education in sustainability through degrees and certificates in sustainable solutions. Starting with Presidio’s Fall 2021 semester, all CivicSpark Fellows and alumni are being offered a 10% scholarship (or a Segal Education Award match—whichever is larger) toward Presidio’s Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Public Administration, Dual MBA-MPA, and Certificate programs.

Cailey McCain headshot

CivicSpark Project Manager Cailey McCain, who a few years ago was a CivicSpark Fellow at the City of Sacramento, said “CivicSpark’s partnership with Presidio Graduate School enables CivicSpark Alumni to continue their education with an institution that perfectly aligns with our program’s mission of enabling emerging leaders to address the most ‘wicked’ community resiliency problems of our time.”

To be eligible for this opportunity, a CivicSpark Fellow or alum must complete the standard admissions application process, be admitted to Presidio, remain continuously enrolled, and maintain good academic standing (including a grade-point average of at least 3.0). CivicSpark Fellows and alumni can get started by providing contact information here in order to receive the scholarship.

Mackenzie Bolger headshot

Adds CivicSpark Senior Program Manager Mackenzie Bolger, “Presidio’s focus on environmental sustainability, social justice, integrity, innovation, and community makes it a perfect next step for CivicSpark Alumni looking to expand their knowledge and build skills to catalyze change toward a more sustainable future.”

On June 28, 2021, McCain of CivicSpark along with Amanda Opperman (AVP of Admissions) and Neelam Hadaf (Associate Director of Admissions) announced the partnership at a CivicSpark x Presidio Scholarship Lunch & Learn event. Attending were CivicSpark 2020-21 Graduating Fellows and alumni who were assigned to cities throughout California, including San Diego, Arcata, Truckee, Sacramento, Beverly Hills, and Ventura.

During the event, Hadaf said, “Social and economic impact is in everything we do. Our students are from all different walks of life who realize that their passion is to make the world a better place.” She explained that whether students choose Presidio’s virtual option or in-person hybrid option, “amazing networking doors open up for them. Once a Presidian, always a Presidian; Presidians are curious, want to make an impact, and see themselves as becoming sustainability leaders.”

Opperman concluded the event by saying, “Any CivicSpark Fellow or alumnus automatically receives a 10% scholarship at Presidio Graduate School, because of our partnership. Policy, regulation, and everything that happens in the public sphere will help us come out of this tough time of COVID-19 recovery and social-justice imperatives.”

Main image credit: CivicSpark

About the Author / Pamela J. Gordon

Pamela J. Gordon is managing director of PGS Consults, the management consultancy at Presidio Graduate School, where she matches our faculty’s and alumni’s sustainability thought leadership with organizations’ needs for profitable, responsible solutions. A supply-chain and sustainability consultant for decades, she wrote the book "Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment," and teaches the course "Management Consulting Skills for Sustainability Professionals."

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