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Presidio Graduate School is proud to partner once again with BLab for the 2014/2015 Academic Year. The educational partnership which began in late November 2013 “pairs the leading business school for sustainability with the leading certification mark for organizations using business to solve social and environmental challenges.” As part of this symbiotic relationship, PGS offers at 15% scholarship to all newly admitted students who are employees of Bcorps. We’re delighted to feature alumni and current students whose PGS education has paid huge dividends in their work at BCorps. This partnership pairs the leading business school for sustainability with the leading certification mark for organizations using business to solve social and environmental challenges.

“There was really no hesitation for Cutting Edge Capital to become a B-Corp. Mainly because it’s our mission to lead change towards a new, resilient, just and equitable economy. Our business tackles systemic issues in the current capitalist model.

Our focus is on expanding the capital raising options for social enterprises that are values-driven so that all stakeholders benefit at the business grows. Most of our clients are candidates for becoming B-Corps and we truly believe that actions speak louder than words, so we went through the process. We know that business can be a power for good in solving social and environmental problems and the B-Corp certification shows our commitment to creating a better world through our work.

The best thing about working at a B-Corp and with like minded companies is that it allows me to incorporate all the sustainability concepts and principles that I learned and teach at Presidio directly into my work. For example, we always include social and environmental metrics into business plans and investor presentations, so we are both educating and advocating for holistic change in a very impactful way. At Cutting Edge we really do walk the talk!”

-Kristin York, PGS Professor & Cutting Edge Capital Chief Development Officer

“At WaterSmart Software, I am fortunate to work at the crossroads of software and sustainability, leveraging technology to ensure a better world for future generations. As part of a start-up organization, everyday represents an opportunity to where multiple hats and have myriad conversations. From finance and marketing to quantitative analysis and leadership, I get to apply my PGS education in a way that not only provides value to the business but also solves a pressing environmental and social issue. At the end of the day, I remain energized and inspired knowing that the entire organization, all the way up to the Board of Directors and Silicon Valley VCs, is committed to the mission and that when decisions are made with a triple bottom line in mind. This is the beauty of working for a B Corp, its not just about the profits, but also about the planet.”

-David Sheridan (C15) & Client Solutions Manager at WaterSmart Software

“Having attending Presidio Graduate School really helped my work at a B Corp. In my current role at Mindfull Investors, I was in charge of completing the (re)certification process for B Corp, which includes: going through the assessment, answering A LOT of questions about our company, working with the B Labs liaison, & writing a company profile. Because of my education, I was much better informed on how to do this, especially answering the broad spectrum of questions relating to economical, environmental and social sustainability. Man of the questions you are required to answer when becoming a B Corp are somewhat technical, such as how to measure certain things like GHG emissions, employee/ community engagement, and corporate accountability/ transparency, etc. This not only helped in answering the questions, but engaging in discussion with the B Corp liaison about our company policies and procedures, and providing feedback to B Corp.

In addition, PGS prepared me to be able to more thoroughly complete due diligence on potential portfolio companies for our Venture Capital Fund. This holds particularly true in assessing a company’s impact. I am able to think wholly & systematically about what impact (both negative and positive) they have had, are having and will have in the future. I use this not only to assess companies and decide whether they are a good fit for our fund, but also to challenge them to do more good & less bad, to help them push the boundaries of what they think is possible and feasible, and reach their impact potential.

And, of course, it’s all about the network & community. When I started at Mindfull Investors, the B Corp partnership was not in place. However, the founder of Mindfull had recently met with [PGS President and CEO] William Shutkin, and having that connection was a definite plus for me, and I am certain was one factor that got me the job!”

-Marlena John (C15) & COO at Mindfull Investors

“PGS provided an opportunity for me to connect with and learn from a broad and diverse community that is interested in and values sustainability management and systems thinking. Through this community, I gained the skills and awareness of how to be a more effective leader in order to better support the goals and priorities of my team and clients. As a consultant at YR&G, I work on a range of projects that define and integrate sustainability into their building or culture. The tools and strategy considerations that I learned at PGS have expanded my approach to problem solving and enable me to efficiently and effectively manage these projects, and respond to their specific goals and needs. Additionally, both my PGS education and the assessment criteria as a B Corps have challenged me to think about how our projects can integrate sustainability on a broader and more impactful scale.”

-Devon Bertram (C17) & Consultant at YR&G

Want to explore how your organization can partner with Presidio Graduate School? Contact Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Career Development Mitchell Friedman.

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