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During a short visit to Boulder, CO for a friend’s wedding, I had the opportunity to connect with alumnus Scott Bright (C17) – a.k.a. ‘ScottieB‘- and learn about how Presidio Graduate School prepared him for his dream job.

Scott Bright (C17)

Scott Bright (aka ScottieB) C17

Location: Boulder, CO

Company: Mondo Robot – Creative Digital Agency

Title: Digital Strategist

Tell us about Mondo Robot.

Mondo Robot is a creative Digital Agency based in Boulder, Colorado. We design and create websites, games, videos, apps, full stack development and strategy for a diversity of clients ranging from ski resorts to breweries.

What is your role there?

Like everyone else here, I wear a lot of hats.  My core responsibilities fall under three main categories: Web Analytics, User Testing, and Reporting.  Everything I do is heavily focused on optimizing online user experience for clients.  By leveraging data, user feedback, and research, I am able to identify strategies to enhance our clients’ digital presence.

Scott at Mondo Robot
Scott at his dream job.

How did you get this position?

I leveraged my network and asked for a lot of introductions. I had originally applied to several different companies in Boulder and Mondo Robot was the first one to respond to me. At first, I interviewed for a completely different job as a Project Manager.  However, after a long phone call with the founder assessing my interests and skill set, the role of Digital Strategist was created for me.

Scott's cool modern office space.
Scott’s cool modern office space.

What tools and skills that you acquired at PGS do you use you today?

Prior to PGS I definitely would not have found myself in a strategy position doing the type of work I do now.  Coming from a creative background in film production, I learned at lot at Presidio in the form of raw MBA skills.  Specific to my current role, this includes advanced knowledge of Excel and data analysis, researching and writing complex reports, and developing strategies to support overall business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and objectives.



Also, from a presentation standpoint, Presidio gave me the tools and helped me build confidence   to become very comfortable speaking in front of large audiences and a myriad of stakeholders. This has been a particularly valuable skill set to have as my current role often requires me to present findings and pitch strategies to clients, in addition to presenting as a subject matter expert at conferences.

Do you use the sustainability skills you acquired at PGS in your current job?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not always thinking heavily about sustainability per say.  I work with a whole range of clients spanning across telecommunications, ski resorts, nonprofits, and local businesses.  PGS was more than an education in sustainability for me. It allowed me to identify where my professional strengths existed, and gave me valuable insight into the type of company and role I’d like to have.

In my case, I knew I wanted to work in an agency environment where I could interact with multiple clients and projets at once. That being said, I do feel the digital space presents a lot of opportunities for businesses to become more sustainable as online technologies offer greater efficiencies and are often less resource intensive than traditional companies.  Also worth mentioning, Boulder is a hotbed for sustainable business innovation.

How do you see yourself growing, and developing professionally?

I definitely consider myself in an ongoing learning environment working in the digital space, especially with the skill set that I’m focusing on now. I’m teaching myself a set of tools and acquiring universal process and systems knowledge that I can bring with me to any company and any industry.

I feel confident that I can add value to pretty much anyone with an online presence, whether that be a large corporation, a ‘mom & pop’ shop, or a very powerful nonprofit. I’m looking at this as the next step for my career and ongoing education. Once I get to a much more advanced level with some of the programs and skills I am learning now, I will be able to better decide more specifically what I want to do with it, and what projects I want to increase engagement of across the digital space.

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Date of Interview: 6/13/2015

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