Thank you for your interest in PGS’s Groundbreaking Experiential Learning (EL) Program.

Our EL program is a unique, and effective, way to get complimentary, cutting-edge guidance from sustainability professionals on ways to tackle some of the most pressing business and policy challenges of today. In doing so, you’ll also be providing invaluable real-world learning practicum to some of tomorrow’s most promising leaders.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to meet your short- and long-term sustainability goals!

We strongly recommend that you read our EL FAQ page prior to completing your application form below. You’ll find specifics about what we offer and how we work together to expose our students to real-world challenges and improve your organization.

If you have any additional questions about the program or any aspect of the application process, please call 415.655.8912 or send an email to for a prompt, friendly response to your inquiry.

EL Project Request Form

Project Manager Information

The Project Manager is the individual responsible for providing the PGS student team with data, information, and guidance as needed to maximize the value of the project to your organization.

Have you worked with PGS students on an Experiential Learning project in a previous semester?*

Are you a PGS alumnus/a?*

Company/Organization Information



What is the geographic scope of your organization?*

How many employees work in your organization?*

How old is your organization?*

What the gross annual revenue of your organization?*

If you are a nonprofit, please indicate your operating budget.

Project Type

Choose one. If you think you may have more than one project, please indicate that in the "Additional Details" field below.

Your Challenges

What are the top three challenges, opportunities, or goals that your company or department needs help with over the next six-18 months?

At least one of these should be associated with the project you’d like us to work on.

Project Details

Please provide a description of your proposed project.*

What is the scope of the work to be done? What is the problem or challenge to be addressed? What questions or decisions are you hoping the team will help you answer? How does this relate to the above problems, challenges, or goals? (Don't worry if this is not fully formed. We can help you refine it to fit your goals and PGS's academic requirements.)

Note: Request should be in general alignment with the course descriptions above. The student teams provide consulting work your organization. They will craft plans and recommendations. They will NOT implement the recommendations. If your request is for a specific task such as 'Create and execute a social media campaign on Twitter" the proposal will likely be rejected.

If you need implementation help, consider contacting our career services department for internship/job opportunities.

Additional Details

Terms of Engagement*

  • The project partner is responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by the student team as a result of the project. Examples of common expenses include travel costs for site visits or shipping costs.
  • The project partner is expected to be available to contribute 1-3 hours per week to the team. This can manifest through in-person meetings, teleconference meetings, connecting the team to other individuals in the organization, or data mining.
  • Presidio Graduate School has the right to use the project partner’s name on a short summary of the project on our website. Faculty and students who work on the project have the right to list the project and high-level project objectives on their resumes and CVs.
  • All work produced by the student team as a result of the project will belong to the project partner. This policy is described in our Third Party Agreement, which we encourage but do not require project partners to sign.
  • Your project application in its entirety will be provided to students enrolled in the course.
  • I agree to the above terms and conditions*


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