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Ali Hart

Ali Hart, MBA, of cohort 9, is Creative Producer at Hartburns Media and Live Comedy Producer at Peacock. At Hartburns Media, she works to produce humorous content with the power to win hearts and minds for social good organizations like Sundance Now, Alliance for Climate Education, and NextGen Climate. She created and produced a web series for NextGen Climate called Spotlight California, which followed comedian Kiran Deol around California and explored how the all-powerful oil industry has impacted Californians’ lives. She also has experience strategizing social impact campaigns for documentaries, including for Terms and Conditions May Apply; which included garnering 18,000 email actions from citizens to Congress, organizing panel discussions in 11 locations, and organizing a screening on Capitol Hill for Congress. Ali has also delivered a workshop on humor and social change. She says that most of all, she just wants to make people laugh.

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