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Dr. Tanu Jindal

Board Member

Prof. (Dr.) Jindal has deep experience in research and studies in environmental pollution and toxicological studies focusing on air, water, and soil conservation and food production. Her work examines the impacts on ecosystems, public health, environmental safety, waste management, and climate change.

Currently, Dr. Jindal serves as the Vice-Chancellor (R&D) and Director, Amity Environmental Institutes. She heads a number of institutes at Amity University including Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Sciences, water technology, and Antarctic Research. While at Amity, she has launched PhD, MS and BS programs in Environmental Science. She is a fellow at the National Environmental Science Academy (NESA) and was recognized with the Environmentalist and Scientist of the Year awards.

Dr. Jindal is a member of several prestigious societies including American Chemical Society and Indian National Science Academy. Dr. Jindal is widely published and has presented papers at conferences and institutes all over the world. She has led the organization of over 50 conferences, international workshops, training courses, and events on global environmental issues.

She earned a PhD, Ecotoxicology – Department of Zoology and a MS, Department of Chemistry from Delhi University and a BS in Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry from Kirori Mal College – Delhi University.

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