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Emily Battaglia

Director of Program Expansion

Education is my passion, and I have been lucky to have 20+ years of experience in the secondary, post-secondary, and professional education fields. Creating impactful educational experiences is a passion I have pursued throughout my career as a high school history teacher, training manager, curriculum director, instructional/learning experience designer, game writer/producer, and educational program director. I continue to strive for learner advocacy and equal access to education, and my current research focuses on marrying user experience and instructional design best practices to create meaningful student learning experiences for all learners.

I graduated from California State University, Chico with a BA in Social Science and earned my Single Subject Teaching Credential with B-Clad Certification from Dominican University of California. When I’m not reading anything I can get my hands on or revising my novel (for the hundredth time), I am camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.

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