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Jeremy Ney, MBA, MPA

Adjunct Professor

Jeremy’s research focuses on the ways that technology can benefit society. He is the author of American Inequality, a data exploration project that spotlights U.S. inequality topics ranging from household debt to life expectancy. In his work, Jeremy uses opportunity mapping, quantitative analysis, and emerging technologies to evaluate how public, private and nonprofit sectors can better serve communities.

Jeremy currently works at Google where he develops and scales technologies that preserve privacy on the web. His previous work focused on addressing gaps in policy and social services. At the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jeremy incorporated new models, forecasts, and scenario planning initiatives aimed at helping the Fed avoid a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. As the co-founder of Let’s Get Set, he worked to expand access to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit for low-income families. Jeremy was also the executive director of No One Left Offline, which provided internet access to at-risk communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jeremy’s work has been featured in TIME Magazine, The LA Times, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, and on the TEDx stage. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he now lives with his wife.


MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management

BA, University of Pennsylvania

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