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John Chiles, MBA

Adjunct Professor

John Chiles worked in impact investing for four years, primarily with E8 Angels in Seattle, the largest cleantech angel group in the United States and Canada. At E8, he oversaw deal screening, coordinated the due diligence teams of angel investors, and provided support for E8s Angel Fund. Since 2018 he’s been developing Hope’s Garden, a regenerative agriculture project in the Missouri Ozarks. Hope’s Garden is anchored on a future three-acre hydroponic greenhouse that will use waste heat from a data center to warm the greenhouse and offset its carbon footprint. Profits will support a future food hub and beginning farmer ag accelerator. John studied biology and math at Missouri State University and received his MBA from Bainbridge Graduate Institute (which joined Presidio), where he was also a teaching assistant. John has held many different jobs, including construction laborer, camp counselor, bus driver, window-maker, and running an off-grid hydroelectric power plant. Each job taught him something important, and he honors the winding path that many of you have taken to this point. He serves on the board of his local Sierra Club and volunteers on progressive political campaigns. For fun, he likes to swim, climb, design lamps and speakers and tend his beloved watermelon garden. 


MBA677 – Impact Investing

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