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John Lehnert, C12

John is a lead project manager deploying new solutions across the technology, financial services, and bioscience sectors for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. He has spent 14 years improving product evolution, operational stability, IT security, and stakeholder engagement. Currently, he supports EverBright, a leading technology platform for solar panel installers, to design, quote, and offer contracts (including financing) in the residential market.

He has given back to his community by co-leading the organizing committee for the San Francisco edition of the Cities Alive green rooftop conference and supporting the Meeting of the Minds and GreenBiz Verge conferences on urbanism and technology and sustainability. An avid traveler, John has visited 60 countries. While in Thailand, he was a solar panel installer and design thinking instructor for Presidio International Club. In Ecuador, he supported eco-tourism for the La Hesperia Cloud Forest Reserve.

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