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Leah Okrainsky

MBA, Sustainable Solutions

“While at Presidio Graduate School, I was able to gain an understanding of the complex systems behind the world that we operate in, and how I can help influence those systems for the better. Highlights of my experience at PGS consisted of building relationships with professors, other students, and experiential learning clients. I was also honored to be the TA for the Engagement: Connecting Brands and Customers (Marketing) MBA course for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 and hope to continue in this role.

Project work included:
1) Autodesk (Operations & Supply Chain) – Defined methodology to calculate Scope 3 GHG emissions for AutoCAD and Maya customers that can be used for all of Autodesk’s software products, to Autodesk’s mission to become carbon neutral by 2021.
2) kW Engineering (Marketing) – Developed strategic marketing plan for an energy-efficiency company to enter the mid-size grocery store chain market identifying buyer personas, brand value map, market needs profile, competitive landscape and SWOT. Delivering actionable short and long term strategic recommendations.
3) EV Life (Finance) – Created financial product with cash flow model and excel tool to help EVLife form profitable partnerships with capital institutions, in order to help customers save money on electric vehicle leases.
4) SLiNK SIPS (Product Innovation) – Developed sustainable business to make home insulation from recycled Styrofoam. Conduct extensive primary/secondary research and interviews with industry professionals. Utilize Customer Development Model, as well as marketing, operations, supply chain, and finance frameworks to execute on product development, resulting in final capstone report.

In the future, I am keen on staying in the distributed energy space to advance the mission of grid electrification and resilience.”

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