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Martina Doleshal, MS, MBA

Adjunct Professor

I am an innovator, entrepreneur, and leadership coach, with a passion for healthcare innovation. I love seeing new healthcare products reaching patients and improving lives. I started as a molecular biologist and biochemist working for MD Anderson Cancer Center. My shift from academia into industry took me through start-ups, mid-size national companies, and large multinational healthcare companies like Novartis to finally starting my consultancy. My experience in systems and design thinking, strategy, and innovation allowed me to help design, develop, and commercialize healthcare products and services across global markets and diverse regulatory and legal environments – from diagnostic assays, robotics to software.

I transitioned from being a scientist to performing technology evaluations, opportunity assessments, and strategic management of healthcare product portfolios and product lifecycles in oncology, genetic disorders, and infectious diseases.  The process takes an initial idea through prototyping and market testing leading to commercialization and infrastructure development. My career in science and business equipped me with insights and thought models that enable me to analyze market conditions and overlay appropriate product portfolios systematically.

I collaboratively work with entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to find practical, creative, and sustainable ways to leverage existing resources and create a cohesive vision and strategy for future growth by assessing, selecting, and nurturing innovations. Then we focus on creating implementation and execution plans for their innovative products and services to enter the market.

As a leadership coach, I am on a mission to show talented and high-achieving women how to design personal and professional success on their own terms while remaining authentic and loving toward themselves.


MBA in Sustainable Management, Presidio Graduate School

Master of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic


MBA650 – Strategy for Sustainability

MBA690 – Integrative Capstone

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