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Montserrat Plascencia



I have passionately explored the intersections between community engagement, equity and justice, and sustainability through various departments, organizations, and consulting projects in the local government, non-profit, and sustainability tech management sectors for the past seven years. Designing and implementing programs that provide an impactful platform for community voices to gain visibility in the environmental justice issues affecting them has been a driving force for me. Today, I have learned how various organizational cultures, programs, and systems can be transformed to serve small businesses, farmworkers, BIPOC families and youth, and underserved communities by creating resource, communication, and partnership bridges.

As a self-employed consultant, I’m equipped to support for-profit and non-profit connections with small businesses, Spanish-speaking communities, and grassroots organizing for environmental justice issues. My work explores ethical and culturally sensitive ways of establishing trust and relationships with various types of communities and effectively engaging through a social justice and equity in-action lens.

Consulting Services Areas of Expertise

Stakeholder Engagement, Grant writing, Community Organizing, Ethical Human Centered Qualitative Reporting, Business, and Community Engagement

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